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Improve your Marketing ROI with Dynamic Remarketing

dynamic remarketing

dynamic remarketingWhen you’re running an eCommerce business, drawing interested, qualified buyers to your site is the key to continued growth. While there are lots of different options for building your audience, remarketing on the Google Display Network has proven to be one of the most effective.

This type of marketing lets you use Google Adwords to target only people who have previously visited your site. Having viewed your products or services already, these “warm” visitors are far more likely to make a purchase. This can have a huge impact on your click through rate and conversion rates, and greatly improve the ROI of your campaigns.

Dynamic Remarketing takes this one step further.

Accelerate your growth with dynamic remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing is an advanced marketing technique that combines data from various Google tools to serve targeted ads to people based on the products they have viewed on your site.

To make use of this technique you need the following Google services:

Google uses data from your Analytics account to see which pages and products people have viewed and pulls data from Merchant Center relating to the price of your products. It then automatically builds customised adverts using this data, which are served to potential customers via the Adwords platform.

Leveraging all the data available to you is a key factor in achieving success with digital marketing and while the process of creating the right linkages between these services may seem complicated it will pay dividends in the long run.

For example, Netshoes, the Brazilian sports retailer, cited a 30% increase in revenue after implementing this strategy.

AsOne have experience working with a range of clients to implement these technical marketing campaigns to achieve significant benefits.

Including Dynamic Remarketing in a Broader Growth Strategy

Dynamic remarketing can be really powerful when combined with other marketing techniques like search engine marketing. This combination allows you to draw people in through organic search results and engage them with high-quality content.

If they don’t make a purchase, you can then retarget them with personalised adverts across the Google Display Network, and direct them back to your products.

At AsOne we understand the importance of aligning each strand of the overall marketing strategy and take the time to ensure that each campaign fully supports the broader digital business development plan.  

If you’d like to learn more about dynamic remarketing and how it could help maximise your marketing spend, don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our experienced digital marketing technicians will walk you through the options.