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Domain Renewal Group Scam

Copyright Warning

Whenever we get information that can safeguard your business (and your wallet) we like to share it. This one has been going around for some time in one guise or another.

Basically an official letter will arrive warning reminding you that your domain name needs to be renewed and you should “Act Today!”. The letter looks convincing and official but in fact is a scam or at the very best misleading. Signing and retuning this letter could result in loss of your services or even the loss of your domain name. At best it will dip into your pocket. This company is run from a Mail Boxes Etc. Address in London so the chance of getting your money back or contacting the company after you hand over your credit card address is slim.

For more information search Google for “Domain Renewal Group Scam” or visit http://www.domainscams.co.uk/domain-name-scammer_42_Domain-Renewal-Group.php