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Digital Skills Festival

Digital Skills Festival

Digital Skills Festival

The Digital Skills Festival landed in Manchester last week and AsOne Creative Digital Marketing were proud attendees of the event. The Digital Skills Festival, is an annual, four-day event that includes a skills conference; the largest digital careers fair in the UK and opportunities for young people in education to progress into a rewarding career in the digital industry.

The event organisers Manchester Digital outline the purpose of the event. “Manchester has an ambition to become a digital city and in order to achieve this we need a highly skilled digital workforce that is big enough to serve the needs of an ever-growing industry. We need a pipeline of talent that will leave school, college and university with industry standard, work ready, digital skillsets.”

AsOne has always taken a vested interest in the next wave of talent that will be entering the digital and creative industries as our success with apprentices has shown. With our attendance at the Digital Skills Festival we wanted the opportunity to showcase our unique value proposition and how we can further develop the careers of the next generation. AsOne believes that your environment is an extension of your skills and that through continual learning and development there is no limit to your potential. This is the style of creativity we delivered during the Digital Skills Festival to great result.

The highlight of the event for us was the passion, drive and dedication from the future generation of web masters and digital marketers. The sheer will of talent that was evident at the event highlights the growth potential within the industry. Also, AsOne understands that from a sustainability standpoint, business growth is dependant on the talent pool that will be entering the market. With this in mind, we have a vested interest to ensure the next generation of people who wish to enter the digital world as a career do so with the best equipment available.

Manchester, historically has always been a digital city. We have some of the finest universities in the country and we are a focal for students around the world. Manchester is home to the largest student population in Europe and with the talent that is within the city the digital sector will continue to grow.

After our time at the Digital Skills festival it has become abundantly clear that the strength of the digital sector in Manchester is in safe hands with the next generation of digital creatives. Here at AsOne we have a deep understanding that we play a role in this. We are here to guide and develop the next generation of talent to ensure our industry stays buoyant and strong. We have built a solid foundation on work ethic and the continual learning ensuring that when an apprentice or new member of staff joins they are given every opportunity to succeed.

If you would like to know more about the development opportunities here at AsOne, please email cv@asone.co.uk with a CV, covering letter and examples of previous work.