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Digital Marketing Trends of 2014

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2013 has seen the use of social media increase in popularity, with grossing networks such as Twitter and Instagram meaning that businesses use of social networking has been prioritised hugely. With the introduction of revolutionary new marketing channels such as Snapchat and Vine, key trends seem to rotate around short video clips. We are now watching more videos than ever, even Instagram has introduced a new short video function, with companies also using this as a marketing tool. With this in mind we have put together, what we think, will be the Digital marketing trends of 2014:

1. Snapchat Marketing

Normally you wouldn’t associate Snapchat, the latest mobile app, with marketing. However, with 5 million active users and over 150 million snaps being uploaded every day, snapchat seems like the perfect way for businesses to gain a personal connection with their audience. With videos being a maximum length of 10 seconds long, the appeal of a short and memorable advertisement, companies hope to increase their brand awareness. Snaps are increasingly going to be used by companies to engage customers with promotional competitions and special offers. For example, a “quick snap” competition where the first person to respond to a snap wins a prize. Or another example is, sending clues out by snaps and discounts/offers are sent to the winners, etc.

Snapchat marketing trends




2. Vine Marketing

Alike snapchat, short video clips are thriving heavily, meaning more businesses are taking advantage of the micro-videos. Five tweets a second contain a vine link and studies have shown that a branded Vine is four times more likely to be seen than a branded video! This means that any brand not experimenting with Vine, risks losing out on vital social media exposure. Dunkin Donuts and Samsung are examples of companies who have created some of the boldest vine videos.

Vine Marketing Trends





3. Twitter’s time will come!

Moving away from the video world, 2013 has seen twitter flourish after the increased popularity of micro-blogging platforms with the younger audiences. A study has shown that a large number of young people are leaving Facebook to join Twitter. However Facebook is definitely not disappearing anytime soon, with 1.18 billion users using the site for an average of 20 mins a day. On the other hand, popularity is decreasing rapidly with the younger audience, in favour of micro- blogging platforms like Twitter, and previously mentioned video applications like Snapchat and Vine, said to be growing in 2014.

Facebook and twitter marketing trends