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For Digital Marketing, Tameside Has Everything You Need

Digital Marketing Tameside

Digital Marketing Tameside

If you’ve taken the decision to grow your business, increasing awareness of your products and services through additional marketing is often the logical first step. This applies equally if you are looking to promote your business in the Tameside area, or even nationally and internationally.

Thankfully, you won’t have to look far for great advice, because when it comes to digital marketing Tameside has all the expertise you’ll need in award winning agency, AsOne.

What Does Digital Marketing Include?

The exact definition of what falls under digital marketing varies between agencies, but there are a set of core services that are typically included, all focusing on promoting your products online and on mobile.

  • Web design – This is typically the first place to start, if you don’t already have a website, you should make it a priority to get your business online. AsOne can help design and build a site that will be attractive to your prospective customers.
  • Mobile App Development – You may decide that you want to launch an app, either as part of a marketing campaign, or something that integrates more directly with your business, like a loyalty scheme. At AsOne, we have the technical development skills to build this for you.
  • Content marketing – Once you have a site live you need to think about how you promote it best to attract people to your site. Content marketing involves writing unique, insightful articles or blog posts that provide genuine value to your audience and keep them coming back to your pages. This can be a huge drain on time, particularly for smaller companies, but thankfully this is something that we provide as a core service to many of our customers.   
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation involves organising your website and content in such a way to make it attractive to search engines like Google. If you can’t get to the front pages of Google you’ll get very little traffic, so having a technical knowledge of SEO is a very valuable skill.
  • Paid Ads – You can skip some of the troubles of SEO by using paid ads. This could include placement of your pages at the top of the Google Search results, or alternatively placing banner ads on other sites. Always seek professional advice from AsOne before undertaking a paid campaign.
  • Social Media – An increasingly important part of digital marketing is using sites like Facebook and Twitter to engage more directly with your customers. AsOne will manage this for you, posting regular updates and responding to customer questions.

Digital Marketing Tameside

AsOne has extensive expertise running digital marketing campaigns for businesses in the Tameside area. We like to partner with companies over the long-term, integrating marketing into a broader, more holistic digital business development strategy.

We understand the area, which is important if you want to promote your business locally, but we can also help you scale nationally without losing the values that got you where you are today.  

If you’d like more information about digital marketing Tameside and how AsOne can help to promote your business and enable you not only to meet but exceed your business goals, don’t hesitate to get in touch.