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Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study

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A well thought out digital marketing strategy can be the difference between an okay website and a successful website.

Digital Marketing Strategy by AsOne Creative Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy with AsOne Creative Digital Marketing

At AsOne we believe that in order to be successful you must not know just the creation side of a website but also the digital marketing strategy side of that website in order to become successful in both. We don’t just want to see a company do okay we want to see them innovate and thrive hence why we offer the Innovation Club™ package. This gives our members exclusive access to our creative team, innovative digital marketing strategy, events and consultancy.

The particular client we have highlighted for the case study works within the Waste Management industry and are supported by our Innovation Club™ package.

We wanted to compare figures to see how this particular client has fared since starting the package with our digital marketing strategy in place.


The Rubbish Removers have placed a great emphasis on the geographical areas of Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. Since the start of their package they have seen an increase of 167.54% people visiting their website from Manchester. 19.08% of these people are returning visitors. Meaning that they have become first choice of rubbish removers for many returning visitors. 80.2% of traffic is from new customers meaning that we have increased market awareness of The Rubbish Removers within the desired geographical locations. They have also seen an expansion to Bolton, Rochdale, Leeds and Oldham, which was the goal of The Rubbish Removers to be able to have their reach broaden.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC has been a main source of traffic for The Rubbish Removers with 75.8% of their visitors finding them through PPC. Due to geographical importance we created a locational-based campaign to ensure the key components of the brief were met. The effect of the PPC campaign has been positive, since taking over the account AsOne have seen above industry level of growth. With constant development we are confident that PPC will be a long-standing and profitable venture for The Rubbish Removers.

Social Media

Social media has shown to be a profitable way to connect with customers and build relationships with existing customers. Since they have joined the platform Facebook their referrals increased by 19,400% after the effort to increase their social brand awareness. This increase lead to them having an increased amount of enquiries over Facebook and gave a way for the brand to build long lasting relationships with their customers.

Our recommendations


Going forward with The Rubbish Removers and their PPC we will be creating landing pages that are more specific to the services that they provide. We will be optimising PPC to be more specific to their landing pages that will help to increase their conversion rates and drive profitable customer action back to the website. We will also be focusing more on their content marketing to help retain a clear and defined audience.

Social Media

Our recommendation going forward on social media would be looking into the use of Facebook ads. With Facebook ads you can target the type of people that you want by age, location, interest and more. These means that The Rubbish Removers could be targeting the audiences that they want with even more accuracy through Facebook driving more traffic to their website.

With the above recommendations put into place we would see an improvement on targeting customers within their geographical reach with more precision leading to high conversion rates.

The Rubbish Removers had these kind words for us:

This side of our business is very important to us and one that we monitor on a daily basis along with the members at AsOne. We felt we were very knowledgeable on this subject however working and discussing various aspects it has now opened our eyes as to just what is involved. Discussing our projections with members of staff at AsOne we feel they are as committed as we are to help raise our profile on Google and will offer advice and different strategies at any given time, sometimes even at a minutes notice when we have found something.

So what’s stopping you from applying a digital marketing strategy and achieving these results too?

If you’re interested in seeing your figures go up like this why not get in contact with us to see how we can help you move forward with a successful marketing plan. Call us on 0161 368 9100 or email here@asone.co.uk