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Digital Marketing For Financial Clients

Digital marketing for financial clients can be challenging for businesses in the financial sector because there are a number of specific hurdles they face.

However, getting customers onto your website is only part of the challenge. Generating trust is also incredibly important in the financial industry, more so than in any other sector. People are naturally cautious about money and if they are to convert, they need to have all of their questions answered and businesses must prove that they are reliable.

To achieve this, digital marketing strategies must do two things; they must engage customers enough that they stay on the site and explore further, and they must provide detailed information to answer customer queries, so they feel comfortable moving forward. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge because financial information can quickly get confusing for your average person. If they become lost in jargon that they don’t understand or lengthy, in-depth articles, your bounce rate will increase and conversions will be down.

The financial sector is also heavily regulated and there are clear guidelines about what language can be used in marketing content. Working with an inexperienced marketing company could put you on the wrong side of these regulations and cost your business a lot of money.

At AsOne, we have a lot of experience working with businesses in the financial sector, so we are able to address these specific challenges and develop digital marketing strategies that work.

Maximizing Profits In The Loan Industry

We have created a number of successful digital marketing strategies for companies in the financial sector, using a range of tools to boost traffic, increase the average duration of a session, and maximize profits.

A digital marketing strategy we recently developed for a loan company, for example, netted excellent results. They wanted a targeted campaign designed to increase the number of loans taken out during the Christmas period. We increased organic traffic by 149% between September and December and the page views on the specific Christmas loans page that they wanted to focus on increased from just 18 to 1035 in the same period. Ultimately, this resulted in a 600% increase in loan applications compared with the previous year.

This significant improvement was made using a combination of social media marketing and content creation. We created a more detailed strategy for posts, ensuring that they were released at the right time, so they would have maximum visibility with the right customers. Between 1st June 2021 and 31st May 2022, the company’s net audience across social media channels grew by 720%. This resulted in a 101.05% increase in organic traffic from social media.

As well as increasing traffic, we also attracted customers that needed larger loans, thereby increasing the total loan value. By changing the language in social media posts and content, we were able to target a specific type of high-value customer.

The profit contribution of our campaign was significant, meaning that their ROI when working with us was 1466.74%.

Increasing Brand Awareness For Commercial Finance Companies

Increasing brand awareness is another common challenge that financial services companies face. We understand the strategies and tools necessary to drastically increase online brand awareness in a short space of time.

It all starts with understanding consumer behaviour online when searching for financial businesses. Through detailed keyword research, we are able to identify the most common search terms that the target audience of the business is using.

From here, we can build a content strategy focused on these keywords to drive more traffic to the website and provide the right information, so people stay on the site and learn more, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

This is exactly what we did when asked by a financial services company to help them attract more franchisees. They help brokers remain compliant with regulations when providing financial services, but they didn’t have enough online presence to attract more franchisees in the first place.

Our content targeted industry keywords and gave information about the framework of the business before directing users back to the franchisee page and encouraging action. This had a direct impact on the average time that users spent on the website, increasing it by 26%. However, the biggest improvements came in visits to the Franchise Opportunity Landing Page, which increased by 176%.

AsOne – Providing Strategies That Get Results

The financial industry is a difficult one to navigate. There is a regulatory framework that marketing materials must work within and, in a lot of cases, there is also a strong disconnect between the customer and the subject matter. Many digital marketing agencies are unable to deal with these challenges and their campaigns simply do not give the required results. 

At AsOne, this is an area that we are very familiar with, having worked on successful campaigns for a number of businesses in the financial industry. As you can see from the examples above when companies come to us with a clear goal, we can create a digital marketing for financial clients strategy to help them meet it, and the results are measurable.

If you are struggling to increase brand awareness, boost organic traffic, and increase conversions, we are here to help. Get in touch today to discuss potential solutions with a member of our expert team.