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Digital Marketing Cheshire Based Businesses

Digital Marketing Cheshire

Digital Marketing CheshireDigital marketing has grown to become the de facto first step that modern companies take to help promote their products and services and increase their sales.

Cheshire is a hive of economic activity, playing host to the manufacturing facilities of many well- known aviation and automotive brands, and it also benefits from close proximity to Liverpool and Manchester.

For Cheshire based businesses looking to expand, digital marketing could hold the key.

And if you’re interested in exploring digital marketing Cheshire has everything you need an award-winning agency, AsOne.

What does digital marketing entail?

Digital marketing covers a broad range of activities, all designed to help promote your business online, and ultimately increase sales. This could include:  

  • Web development – At the core or digital marketing is web development. Increasingly people talk about a “mobile first” strategy, building with smartphones in mind to cater for the largest proportion of your audience. Development can also extend to function beyond a standard site, such as automatic quotation tools, or online appointment scheduling.
  • Website promotion – Building a slick website is worthless unless people see it, a point that many people overlook. It is essential that you also invest in generating traffic to your site. There are many methods that can be used, including content marketing and search engine optimisation, or paid ads through platforms like Google Adwords.   
  • Social Media – While social media could fall under the banner of website promotion, it has grown substantially enough to warrant further explanation in its own right. Social media is an excellent way not only to promote your business, but to have real conversations with customers. Engaging with customers in this way makes your business approachable, and provides invaluable feedback that can help you make future strategic decisions.
  • Video – Online video is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing channel, as more people have smartphones and 4G connections and are therefore able to stream content on the move. A video is a really good way of getting a point across to your audience in a really easily digestible way, and can, therefore, help to differentiate from your competition. This could include short explainer video, video blogs, or animation.  

Local SEO – Digital Marketing Cheshire

Though it is often said that your website is your shop window to the world, we recognise that when you’re looking for support with digital marketing Cheshire may still be your primary focus.

Local SEO, or search engine optimisation, requires a slightly more nuanced approach, which is greatly enhanced by knowledge of the local area. This can include things like getting properly set up on Google Maps, registering with local business directories and using third party reviews.

At AsOne we’ve been providing digital marketing services to Cheshire based businesses for over 16 years, and in that time we’ve built a wealth of knowledge on exactly what works and what doesn’t. If you’d like some advice on digital marketing in Cheshire, don’t hesitate to get in touch.