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Managing Marketing Budgets Through Challenging Times

Finding ways to reduce your digital marketing budget is a priority for all businesses, but it can be incredibly difficult to do that without negatively impacting results. However, working with the right agency can make it a lot easier to manage your budget while also implementing an effective strategy that gives you a good return on your investment.

Improved targeting is one way to reduce your digital marketing budget because money spent on interacting with unqualified leads is wasted. By analysing social media metrics closely and adjusting your campaigns based on the results, you can potentially make some simple cutbacks and direct resources towards strategies that reach more qualified leads. In some cases, this allows you to reduce the number of posts or pay-per-click ads and save a little money. However, the savings that you make may not be that significant in the context of a large marketing campaign.

A lot of marketing agencies may also be reluctant to take this approach because they pay themselves via commission based on a percentage of your overall spend. That means that if they focus on improved targeting and quality of posts in an attempt to reduce your digital marketing budget, they will lose money. This is a very common problem and the reason that a lot of businesses are unable to manage their marketing budget effectively is that they are working with agencies that use this payment model.

Often, the most effective way to reduce your marketing budget in a significant way is to work with agencies that charge a flat rate for services provided, instead of using a commission-based model. Here at AsOne, we charge a set fee for the services provided, which means that we do not lose out when we find ways to reduce your digital marketing budget.

If you find that your digital marketing budget is too high, you may benefit from switching to an agency like ours that does not use a commission-based model. When we run your digital marketing campaigns, we will always work to implement strategies that focus on quality of content and improved targeting, so you can reach more qualified leads with as little financial investment as possible. Our fee will not change if your digital marketing budget is reduced, so we will always be working to find ways to save you money wherever we can.

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Making small adjustments to your digital marketing strategy can help you to reduce your budget in a small way. However, the savings are relatively insignificant if you are running a large digital marketing campaign and the best way to make meaningful savings is to use an agency like AsOne that has a more beneficial pricing structure.

Whether you are looking to work with a digital marketing agency for the first time or you are already working with one but you are unhappy with your current digital marketing budget, we can meet your needs.

Get in touch today and we can discuss some of the ways that we can improve your strategy and find ways to save you money on your digital marketing budget. Contact us