Digital & Creative Network is on the launch pad …

In my last blog post I was talking about my vision for a network of collaboration and connectivity between locally based businesses and individuals within the digital media and creative sector.

Well I’m delighted to report that the Digital & Creative Network is now poised for lift off. What’s more, I am totally confident that those businesses and people who become members will find that it not only opens lots of doors for them with new opportunities for valuable business connections, but it will also provide a rich source of talent, experience and knowledge when they are searching for any specialist creative services they require.

Together with a few business colleagues we have organised a ‘Core Team’ to oversee the development, growth and success of DCN and to promote its activity and the benefits it will afford to all the relevant people operating within the digital and creative sectors. The news of its launch will soon be broadcast via emails, webcasts, social media, the local press and of course good old fashioned word-of-mouth.

The new DCN website has now just gone live and you can access it at: www.meetdcn.com where you can read more about its aims and objectives and where, incidentally, if you or your company operates within the digital or creative sector, you can register for free membership.

As part of the proposed strategy for success we intend to hold regular get togethers where members can mingle, chat and get to know one another as they prospect alliances and opportunities. We also plan to invite guests from businesses that commission digital and creative work to attend selected events so they can meet the members and get to know more about the local talent that is on their doorstep.

The first of these meetings will be held on Friday 5th December starting at 7.00pm at The Angel, 146 Hyde Road, Denton M34 3DW. Full details are on the website, but being our inaugural meeting and as it will be approaching the Christmas festive season the emphasis will be on arranging a relaxed, social first get together of compatible individuals and businesses. It should be a fun and fulfilling event.

Visit www.meetdcn.com to book your place

Hope to see you there.