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Digital Agency success with our client Todaysure Matthews!

Digital Agency Success

As a leading digital agency, we have a history of excellence both in the work we produce as well as the service we provide to our clients. One of our clients was also lucky enough to be another successful winner at the Pride of Tameside awards.

Todaysure Matthews based in Hyde were nominated in 2 categories and were the winners for the Export Award. Todaysure Matthews are acknowledged world-specialists in combustion technology and their internationally acclaimed products meet a wide cross-section of global demands including performance standards, environmental responsibility, user safety, fuel efficiency and compliance regulations.

The export award recognises the businesses which export goods globally and reflect the skill and passion of Tameside.  Matthews Environmental Solutions operate globally with an industry leading reputation and unmatched distribution system. They identified that due to their unique value proposition of British craftsmanship this allows them to capitlise on market places in the Middle East, The Commonwealth & emerging marketing which are experiencing a rise in per capita GDP and consumption rate growth. Targeted marketing campaigns including the use of content, email marketing, paid search through Google & LinkedIn & expansion of their agent system have provided company growth which is providing the return on investment required.

They have seen exports going to markets such as Pakistan, Australia, Africa & The Middle East while still servicing the rest of the world. As a truly global company Todaysure Matthews have installations on 5 continents including Antarctica. How is that for raising the bar for Tameside exports?

As a key strategic partner of Todaysure Matthews, we are delighted in their success and we look forward to continually developing their international marketing message as the business continues to grow and adapt. We have relished the challenge of developing a global marketing strategy for an industry leading company which has provided a clear return on investment. As a digital agency we work closely with our clients to ensure that all marketing messages regardless of market remain consistent with the brand value.

We look forward to next years awards where we will be defending our title and pushing the boundaries of technological advancement further.

Digital Agency Success
Elliot and Ron from Todaysure Matthews after accepting the Pride of Tameside Export Award

Digital Agency Success