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Darkblade has now gone live!

Darkblade website has gone live!

The ‘goblins’ have finally finished their work and the new Darkblade website has gone live!

We have been working with Darkblade since 2005 helping them to create their first website many moons ago! After the years of successful trading that Darkblade have had with their original website, earlier this year they decided to have a brand new website created!

Darkblade specialise in the making of LARP (Live Action Role Play) products! Helping to equip you in head to toe in the finest LARP Leather armour and accessories.

The new website, which is a full eCommerce solution, has been customised to suit Darkblade’s unique personality; from an easy to use layered slider that Darkblade can customise themselves to the notes from the goblins in the order confirmations, every corner of the site hides a quirky customisation that reflects Darkblade and their products perfectly.

The technical side was left to us and we’ve thought about the customers shopping experience too, making the purchasing processes as smooth and easy as possible. After signing in using your Facebook or Google+ profile, customers can quickly checkout with PayPal express (one of several payment options). The website also includes a compare feature and wish list and the products even come with their very own custom options and stock control. It’s also fully responsive, so you don’t have to worry about mobile viewing. With all of this and the blog and review pages too, the user experience when purchasing your favourite LARP products is next to none. So why not take a look at the Darkblade website and see for yourself.

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