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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber security is becoming increasingly more important for all websites due to continual cyber attacks. As technological advances create more scope for cyber attacks there is an increasing need to ensure you are fully compliant with industry standards and are actively protecting yourself.

Only recently we have experienced a mass attack on our NHS, granted this was not the sole target however it does highlight the need for greater cyber security controls. This is a worldwide issue and one that is a constant battle to ensure you are safe & secure online.

The ransomware attack, called Wana Decrypt0r 2.0, locks users out of their devices and data, encrypting all data and demanding a ransom for the decryption key via the Tor Network.  This malware is allegedly utilising the ‘EternalBlue’ exploit discovered by the NSA which has recently been leaked by a group of hackers known as ‘The Shadow Brokers’.   

This malware appears to take advantage of the SMB (Server Message Block) protocol which is utilised heavily within the Microsoft operating system with an exploit to gain remote system access.  The malware isn’t currently known to be distributed via email, however, this is a very likely candidate for further exposure and spread of the malware.

A patch for security was released in March for Windows 2012-16 however if your operating system is older than 2012, you are still vulnerable to attack. Microsoft has already stepped in and released a patch for older operating systems. Please ensure that your security and software are updated to the latest version as this will give you an extra layer of protection.

The spread of malware is prolific via email. Always be vigilant with emails that you open, especially if they contain attachments.

AsOne continues to invest in security measures to ensure our clients remain as secure as possible while in our care. We have a team of security experts monitoring at server level ensuring that we can react to vulnerabilities and intrusions as soon as possible. Our servers were fully patched as soon as this vulnerability was exposed.

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