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Customer Experience Tips

Customer Experience

The current restrictions make it more difficult to deliver that but there are some great customer experience tips you can use to help you.

This is especially important right now as there are delays to the lifting of restrictions and businesses must operate within the current guidelines for a while longer. If you are going to be able to rebuild your business and make up for lost revenue during the lockdown, it’s about getting the customer experience spot on. These simple customer experience tips can help you improve your operations.

Provide The Right Safety Equipment

Your staff must be able to provide the same personal experience that they normally would but in a safe way. The best way to facilitate that is to ensure that you provide all of the right safety equipment. Masks, visors, and hand sanitiser, for example, ensure that your employees can still approach tables safely and maintain good interaction with the customers. Although some businesses are using collection points for serving drinks, this can damage that all important personal touch that people like when visiting a hospitality venue. Instead, you should focus on creating an environment where it is safe for staff to interact with customers face to face at their table.

Use Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are another simple tool you can use to maintain your customer experience while also keeping people safe. Cash payments are not advisable right now as they increase the risk of spreading infection. Using a portable card reader with contactless payment options allows you to take payments directly from customers in a safe manner. Alternatively, you can take payments and orders through an app to reduce contact. Using contactless payments is one of the best customer experience tips even without COVID restrictions in place because it makes things much easier and quicker for them.

Focus On Maintaining Efficiency

All of your employees must follow safety guidelines while working, and this can lead to efficiency issues. This is especially true in restaurants with limited space in the kitchen. It may be wise to reduce your menu and focus on changing your operations to maintain efficiency. Although people will be more forgiving due to the current circumstances, long wait times can ruin the customer experience.

These customer experience tips can help you walk the line between safety and customer service until restrictions are eased. However, it is equally important that you develop a digital marketing strategy that communicates this to your customers. People want to know that your business is safe but they also want to be assured that the experience won’t be damaged as a result. Here at AsOne, we can help you manage your digital marketing campaigns and get the right message out to your customers, while you focus on creating an amazing experience for them. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you get your business back on track.