coshh365, please kibosh your Spam

I wonder if i might have been spammed? I cant see anywhere on the email a mention of how i might have appeared on their list … oh wait … the most dangerous substance i handle at work is a mug of tea. I think i might have just been on a scraped mailing list.  If you on the market for CoSHH risk assessment i would avoid giving your money to spammers who will use it to spam you some more.

Get CoSHH information for the source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/coshh/

Spam Email Content

Each year, thousands of workers develop ill health as a result of their exposure to hazardous substances. They may develop diseases such as asthma, cancer or dermatitis.
As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure effective measures are in place to control exposure and protect the health of your workers. This responsibility is a legal requisite held in place by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) Regulations 2002.
There is an 8 step process to follow in order to comply with CoSHH:
Step 1: Find out what the health implications are created by hazardous substances used in or around your place of work.
Step 2: Decide what precautions should be taken to prevent harm to health. A CoSHH risk assessment will help you to identify which work exposes your employees to hazardous substances.
Read the full article here: http://freecoshhhelp.co.uk/news.asp?id=20100727
If you are unsure if your company has an obligation to comply with the CoSHH regulations or if you are unsure if any CoSHH hazards exist in your organization, please call our free confidential helpline or download our free CoSHH information pack below.
Download our free compliance pack: http://freecoshhhelp.co.uk/free_download.asp
Contact our H&S advisers on 01772 978021 or email: advice@freecoshhhelp.co.uk
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