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Becoming a successful Coronavirus Business

In all times, and at all junctures, business has to react to the world around it. In order to be successful, we must adapt, innovate and adjust to overcome challenges of the day and provide our solutions to our customers. In the face of a global pandemic, like coronavirus, business is faced with yet another challenge – how to keep trading in a world where we cannot meet or greet our customers.

The answer to this question, like so many other questions, relies on seeing what we already have. We already have a system by which thousands of users are accustomed to purchase without interaction; systems which they trust and in some cases actually lend credibility to some products or brands. In the face of coronavirus, business must now turn to eCommerce.

Millions, if not billions, of people each year spend money on the internet, without testing a product and without meeting a salesperson. Almost any service can be digitised and transport to any person’s house, computer or phone within minutes and it has now become the only viable way of trading and continuing to operate your business.

COVID-19 will claim many casualties and it’s imperative that you act to ensure that your business isn’t one of them. These are hard times and in the face of coronavirus, business needs to take hard decisions.

If in the past you previously thought that ecommerce solutions were not fit for your brand – the world has changed.

coronavirus business

If in the past you felt that digital marketing was not reliable – the world has changed

If in the past you felt your brand suited a more “traditional” approach, like print editorials and billboards – the world has changed.

If in the past you believed that your product or service simply could not be sold without meeting your clients, talking to them and building a relationship – the world has changed.

Of course, elements of these skills are still important – relationship-fostering online is a crucial part of ecommerce, editorials appearing in e-magazines may still help to boost your profile – but, due to coronavirus, business must re-evaluate its choices.

AsOne can help you to put your business back on track, with a WooCommerce store from as little as £95/per month, delivered to you in just three working days – and you won’t pay a penny more than the setup fee until UK lockdown is lifted.

We know that times are uncertain, but we have the solution for you. Visit ecommerce.asone.co.uk or call 0161 368 9100 or send us a message.