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Core CNC has gone live!

Core CNC - AsOne Design

We have recently created a new website for Core CNC on WordPress. Core CNC contacted us last year about us creating a new website for them as well as helping them to brand their company. We created a new website for Core CNC on WordPress which features a blog, and also helped them to design a new logo which we then went on to create.

Core CNC - AsOne DesignEnsuring that your company is perceived in a way that works for your business and it’s customers is important in being able to build your brand awareness. This can be achieved through your companies logo. The brands that we create have the power to attract and inform your target audience, establishing a positive, clear and informative identity. Does your company logo do this?

Core CNC came to us wanting a new logo that allowed them to create their own brand and give their audience a positive view on their company before they know anything about it. We created this for Core CNC and I am sure you will agree that it does this.

Core CNC wanted a website that was easy for their audience to work their way around and understand exactly what the company does and can offer. We achieved this through a simple and effective design on WordPress. Core CNC also wanted a blog on their new website so that they could keep their audience up to date with what is going on within their company/industry. Blogging is an easy and effective way of being able to reach a wider audience whilst building your brand awareness.

Make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to sustain your audience and provide them with content that they will be interested in. As well as having a new website Core CNC have now become a member of Innovation Club. Innovation Club allows you to create a successful marketing strategy for the web and increase your online presence. Could Innovation Club be beneficial to your business? To find out more about Innovation Club contact us on 0161 368 9100.

Are you looking for a new website for your company? Then why not take a look at the Core CNC website that we created and see if we could offer a service that would be beneficial to your business.