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Establish your Authority with a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an excellent tool for professional services firms, as it gives you a platform to demonstrate your expertise and authority to potential customers. Many companies fail to recognise the value of this opportunity and publish content in an ad hoc manner, if at all, rather than building a holistic content marketing strategy. 

As a professional services firm, you are not only competing against other third parties but also the in-house teams of your potential clients, so you have to go above and beyond to demonstrate your capability and win over the stakeholders. 

Does your current website position you as a leader in your field, or is there more you could be doing to leverage content marketing?

Successful content marketing strategy traits

Content Marketing Strategy
  • Be original and demonstrate authority – Google ranking algorithms strive to reward the most relevant, valuable content on the internet by giving it the top spots in the search results. To ensure your content ranks well, you need to demonstrate your expertise on the subject and establish your brand as an authority. Repurposing the same tired content that your competitors are posting won’t do this. You need to fill your content calendar with unique perspectives and industry insights that people won’t get elsewhere. 
  • Promote your content – A content marketing strategy shouldn’t only be about SEO. Once you’ve posted your article, you should also have a plan for how you can get it in front of people more proactively. Are you sharing your content on your company social media profiles? Are you emailing your current database to inform them off your latest content?
  • Understand your audience – Relevance is a key factor for reaching the highest rankings in the search results, and for this, you need to think about user intent. For any given search term, think about what the user is really looking for, and how well your content addresses that need. How often do you think about your potential audience when you hit publish on your posts? 
  • Be authentic – Tactical SEO techniques might have worked in the past, but as the search algorithms continue to improve, a content marketing strategy that is founded on authenticity will win out in the long run. Naturally written content, that isn’t over-optimised for specific key terms is being increasingly rewarded. You can further enhance your authenticity by including author bios and links to social media profiles. 
  • Track your results – Continually tracking, analysing and optimising your content over time will not only give your content marketing strategy the best chance success but will also give you unique insight to your audience. You’ll be able to view which posts are most searched for and most read, which gives you a good indication of the topics that they’re most interested in. 

Content Marketing by AsOne

At AsOne, we’ve been building digital marketing and business development strategies for over a decade, and see content marketing as a core component. We’ve worked with many professional services firms, helping to turn their websites into important lead generation tools, for sharing expertise with potential customers and demonstrating thought leadership. 

If you’d like support devising a content marketing strategy to help drive your business forward, or more information about AsOne generally, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to our expert marketers. 

For businesses based in the North East, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 40% via the NEBSF funding scheme.

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