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Content Delivery Strategies to Fast Track Online Results

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When it comes to content marketing, your content delivery strategy is almost as important as the information you’re promoting. We often see companies that post articles on their site, but don’t pay any attention to how they promote that content and then give up when they don’t immediately see results. 

Are you struggling to engage customers via content marketing? And if so, how much attention is your marketing team paying to content delivery?

Key Content Delivery Considerations

You can think of content delivery as having three key elements, each of which we’ll examine below:

  • Channels
  • Timing
  • Optimisation 


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Content marketing isn’t simply about publishing articles on a blog, for the best results you have to be far more proactive about sharing your content through other channels to attract a broader audience. For example:

  • Email – Do you have a database of current or past customers that you’re emailing to make them aware of your latest posts? Alternatively, you could start a weekly or monthly email roundup of your most recent content.  
  • Social Media – Platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for sharing your content. This can include posting a link to the original article or posting native articles on LinkedIn. The benefit of this is twofold; it gives you access to a huge potential audience of readers and it also improves your SEO. 
  • Third-party blog contributions – Writing for other publications such as industry news sites has similar benefits to posting on LinkedIn. It enables you to leverage a large, well-established audience and also improves the perception of your site in the search engine algorithms. 


There are two elements to getting the timing right for your content delivery:

  1. Long-term – Have you planned a forward-looking calendar of content that puts you in the best position to write and publish content on key industry events ahead of time? For example, publishing articles in the run-up to the financial year?
  2. Short-term – Are you taking into consideration the best time to share your content? For example, are your readers more likely to follow an email link or a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon? Do people in your industry read LinkedIn posts at the weekend or only during the week?

Analyse and Optimise

As the saying goes, “no plan survives first contact with reality”, and this is sometimes the case with content delivery mechanisms. Every business will have a unique audience, and how that audience interactives with and consumes content can vary wildly. And furthermore, it can change over time. 

Therefore it is important that you are properly set up with the right analytics platforms to track the results of your strategy and empower you with the right data to evolve your strategy over time.  

Digital Business Development by AsOne

At AsOne we look holistically at digital business development, of which content delivery is a vital part. We’ve worked with professional services clients to help them define exactly the type of content they should be publishing and how to get it in the hands of potential clients. 

For more advice on content delivery strategies, or information about how AsOne can help accelerate your business success, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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