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A Beginner’s Guide To Click And Collect

If you’ve been forced to close, it’s vital to find ways to maximise revenues in the Golden Quarter. One of the ways to keep trading is via a click and collect service – but this has not historically been offered by SME’s, and has instead been the reserve of conglomerate supermarkets and department stores. This year, that’s changing, as more and more businesses realise the benefits of click-and-collect in the face of the global pandemic. To get you started, here’s a guide to click-and-collect for businesses who need to implement it.

click and collect

What Is Click And Collect?

The clue is very much in the name with click-and-collect services – customers reserve items online, and pick them up at pre-arranged points. This pick up point is usually in-store, and shops are allowed to remain open for click and collect customers, but there’s nothing to say that this collection would have to take place in-store – for example, if you work in partnership with another business that has an open location, you could have your customers pick up from that location, saving you money on opening your own up. 

What Are The Benefits Of Click And Collect?

The main benefits of click & collect services when compared to postal delivery options are that when a customer collects their items, you can be sure that the customer receives them in a good condition. With deliveries, there is always a risk of damage or loss in transit which could leave you having to reimburse customers. With click & collect, returns are far less common, as the quality of the product can be checked by the customer in your presence.

In the current restrictions, people need a reason to leave the house, legally. Some customers value the opportunity to get out of the house and as such, click & collect services are preferable for them, allowing them to go out to collect their items. Consider who your target market is – if the demographic is one that is largely active and outgoing, then the effects of lockdown on their mental health is a good thing to consider.

How Do I Offer Click-And-Collect?

You need to be able to take payment before the customer arrives, and this could be done over the phone, for example, but it’s by far easiest to set up your eCommerce website to be able to provide the service online. This might mean a simple modification of an existing eCommerce store or a little more work for a more extensive build, but by enlisting the help of eCommerce experts like the developers at AsOne the work can be completed in a matter of days.

To begin offering click-and-collect services, contact the experts at AsOne now.