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WARNING – Scam Callers

Scam callers

AsOne was recently made aware by a client of a scam caller. The caller claims to be a technician from Google. The caller will tell you that there is a problem with your computer, in this case the technician told one of our clients that there was a problem with their websites algorithm. The technician then requested that […]

WARNING – Scam emails

The email content.

Scam email AsOne were recently made aware of a scam email that is asking the account holder to click the link to stop their account from be lost. We would advise that you do not click the link within the email as it is highly likely that this link will be hiding a virus. We recommend […]

The Risks of Copyright Infringement

Copyright Symbol

Recently there has been a string of scams regarding the breaching of copyright online so we thought it would be a good idea to stress the importance of adhering to copyright laws. It always seems easier and more effective to just visit Google for an image that you need for your website instead of taking […]

Scammers and how to protect yourself!

Recently one of our clients brought a document they received to our attention. This is an example of how scammers may try to exploit you and your business. Many scammers will try the approach you see here; the general idea is to force their target to give them money through seemingly legitimate means. These documents […]

To be phished, or not to be phished

Email Logo

What is phishing and how do they do it? Phishing is a fraudulent scam where people get your details for websites that you have logged into, through a pretty easy process. It is really as simple as building an identical website, making you visit their website, whilst you think you’re on the actual website. You then […]

Shopping safe on Cyber Monday and throughout Christmas – Keep your Software Up-to-date

Shopping Cart

It’s finally December! Christmas is coming, Geese are getting fatter, and today is Cyber Monday – the day Retailers reckon people will spend the most money on Christmas Presents. With people turning more to Online Shopping, it’s natural that criminals are looking to make a profit from unfortunate shoppers. It’s important more than ever to […]

Intracom VAT Registry Scam

Starting a new business? More and more people are incorporating their own businesses with companies house online when previously it was the role of your accountant. If you register your business at your own address (not your accountant’s as is the usual practice) you might find some interesting scam letters through your door. If you […]

Domain scam from codero.com?

If you receive an email claiming to be an “important notice” regarding your domain name renewal, a domain service notice or a search engine submission notice don’t be fooled. Read the small print at the bottom. It is a solicitation (phishing) email designed to make domain owners panic and sign up to something they don’t […]

Its Official, official-adobe-software.com is not Official!

Copyright Warning

If you’ve received this email or ones like it don’t be fooled by the rather strange domain name. Because somebody has registered a domain name in (surprise surprise) russia with the word ‘official’ in it, does not an official website make.

Business Registration Update 2010/2011 WCR Online – SCAM

Copyright Warning

You might be getting an email soon inviting you to update your details on WCR Online. There is an attachment, but its just a PDF form. All innocent enough. The email even says it is free to update your details. “Phew” you might say because you have head of the directory scams that cost a […]

Upgrade New Skype VoIP Addons – More Free Talks

Copyright Warning

This one is less typical of the eMail Phishing scams we see. Normally the email is well designed with graphics stolen from the legitimate site. In this case and the matching Adobe Phishing Scam email the email looks nothing like an official communication and the spammers have not needed to hide the web address because […]

NewName Net Service Limited – Hong Kong Domain Name Scam

Copyright Warning

This scammer is apparently informing us of another organization buying up similar domain names to our own. We can only imagine that NewName Net Service Limited have themselves bought the domain names they’re referring to, and will offer to sell us the domains in order to ‘protect our brand’. The price for protecting our brand […]

Twitter Scam

We have just received the email below informing us that someone is trying to steal our Twitter password. The email contains a link to download their ‘secure module’ to fix the problem. Notice how the link ends in ‘.zip’. This is a compressed file or folder that most likely contains all manner of nasty surprises […]

Scam Email from Iraq

Copyright Warning

We have just received this email from ‘Mr. Adada’ in Iraq. He wants to give us $1.5 Million completely free! While we’d love to accept his most generous offer, there’s obviously a catch. These types of emails are sent to thousands of people in the hopes that some people are trusting enough to reply to […]

Microsoft Outlook – Scam Email

An email doing the rounds at the moment purports to be from Microsoft, but is in all likelihood a scam email complete with a virus. The email alleges that you have unread messages in your account and that in order to read them you have to reconfigure Microsoft Outlook by downloading the attached file. Any […]

Domain Renewal Group Scam

Copyright Warning

Whenever we get information that can safeguard your business (and your wallet) we like to share it. This one has been going around for some time in one guise or another. Basically an official letter will arrive warning reminding you that your domain name needs to be renewed and you should “Act Today!”. The letter looks […]

Domain Renewal Group Scam

Copyright Warning

Domain Renewal Group Scam Whenever we get information that can safeguard your business (and your wallet) we like to share it. This one has been going around for some time in one guise or another. Basically an official letter will arrive warning reminding you that your domain name needs to be renewed and you should “Act Today!”. […]