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Understanding Customers, Platforms and Opportunities

Some people believe that a great marketing strategy has to have an element of luck. They think you have to get lucky that the right person sees your social post - or that the right client “stumbles” across your website.

The truth is, with digital marketing, there is no luck. Nobody stumbles across a website unless the site has been carefully sculpted with the right understand of SEO and PPC; nobody finds a social post that is not underpinned by a thought-out strategy, which includes algorithm-friendly content and contains relevant hashtags and other signifiers.

Luck is, as it always is, a mix of preparation and opportunity. Spotting opportunities in marketing takes preparation; and when a business gets that right, then it doesn’t need luck to see if success will come – it is simply a matter of time regarding when.

With PPC advertising, it’s easy to convince yourself that there are only small gains to be made – but that means you’re only thinking about the opportunity you already saw, and you’re not looking at the next step.

PPC, and search engine advertising, doesn’t only mean Google Ads. Understanding a customer profile might mean you make the decision to expand to another search engine – such as Microsoft Ads.

While you might never dream of leaving the fully synchronised experience that is Google and Chrome, many internet users across the UK and globally use the Microsoft default browser – Microsoft Edge – and as a result, are largely exposed to Microsoft Ads.

Typically, elderly users are one of the demographics that are most likely to use Edge – and that’s why we thought that expanding into Microsoft Ads was an opportunity worth pursuing for our long term client, Manchester Stairlifts.


  • Increase conversions
  • Increase Brand Awareness

Client Overview

Manchester Stairlifts provide quality mobility aids to all buildings that may require them. Regarded as experts in the local community, digital is critical for lead generation as the business operates in a space where customers have mobility and accessibility issues. We have been supporting the business for well over a year now, continually finding innovative ways to make our marketing punds go further.


Having spotted an untapped opportunity, we moved quickly to capitalise. We worked to duplicate our existing Google Ads across the Microsoft platform, knowing that if we could replicate our Google Ads success in a new market, that would be a real addition to the business.

We noted the lower level of competition on the platform and adjusted our bids and budgets accordingly.


  • Microsoft Ads
  • PPC Strategies


CPC Reduced By 18.5%

Month 1
Microsoft Ads Clicks 68
CPC £1.75

Month 2
Microsoft Ads Clicks 129
CPC £2.89

Month 3
Microsoft Ads Clicks 224
CPC £2.84

CPC across the period (Microsoft Ads) £2.68
CPC across the period (Google Ads) £3.29

What does this mean for you?

As we can see, by expanding our platform choices, we found a saving of 18.5% in CPC without editing any copy or targeting options – simply by using our understanding of the platforms at our disposal and the client’s target demographics. To see how your business could benefit from our understanding of digital marketing, speak to us today.


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