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SEO Is About More Than Content

Whilst having fresh, keyword-rich content is essential to the success of your site in search engines, the technical factors of SEO can not be overlooked. A good SEO strategy must comprehend both of these elements.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for the long-term success of any website. Different studies have estimated the percentage of clicks that each position in search results can expect to receive, but as an absolute minimum, it is thought that 75% of all clicks go to entries on the first page (positions 1-10).

There are a number of factors which contribute to ranking position, and they cover a wide scope of skills, from technical setup to linguistic content and image settings. Succesful pages require top maintenance as well as excellent content, and your SEO strategy must allow time and investment in both.


  • Expose the brand to the UK market & begin to penetrate
  • Support all exhibitions with dedicated product pages

Client Overview

Multiquip is a power tooling brand whose name is synonymous with quality and reliability in the US, but they have struggled for UK market penetration. We have worked with Multiquip UK across their whole marketing mix, both advising on and implementing strategies, including SEO strategy, and developing the brand.


We built Multiquip UK a brand new website, as their previous site was not fit for purpose. The SEO success that we have enjoyed would not have been possible without a site on which all elements could be configured to boost SEO rankings – this goes beyond on-page content to technical setup, such as metatags and alternative text, and developmental concerns like mobile responsiveness and site speed.

Our product pages and content strategy work together, supporting each other for relevant searches. An easily navigable site for both crawlbots and humans, search engines prioritise our content over our competitors, whose websites may not be built as such.

Fresh content is key to the success of any SEO strategy, and our content is researched, planned and timed to align with peak keyword-popularity, for which there is seasonal variation. By interpreting past data and modern technologies, we are able to predict rising popularity for particular search terms and ensure that our content is fresh enough to answer all the pertinent questions as well as old enough to ensure that search engines have time to crawl the pages and be assured of its relevance.

Empowering our product pages and our long-form content equally, we are able to respond to both information- and product-seekers, answering both informational and purchase-driven searches with the most relevant pages, ensuring that the user needs as few clicks as possible to get to exactly what they want from the site.


  • Website
  • Organic Search
  • Content Creation


Increase in Revenue of 781%

Month 1
No. of Keywords in positions 1-10: 20
Revenue from clients assisted by Organic Search: £346.80

Month 2
No. of Keywords in positions 1-10: 34
Revenue from customers assisted by Organic Search: £393
% Increase of Revenue from Month 1: 13.32%

Month 3
No. of Keywords in positions 1-10: 66
Revenue from customers assisted by Organic Search: £3,463.80
% Increase in Revenue from Month 2: 781%

As these results prove, investing both time and money into your SEO strategy can pay real dividends. Unlike PPC marketing, these clicks did not cost the client any budget, and their positions are far less fragile than that of a paid advertisement. Our content appears in the top page of searches not only for branded terms but also for wide industry terms, meaning that we are penetrating the market which is not already familiar with Multiquip UK. This is crucial for the long-term success of the Multiquip strategy; by raising awareness and increasing demand for Multiquip tools amongst end-users, hire toll companies will be forced to purchase and stock the equipment.

In Month 3, our SEO work culminated by attracting a high-value user, and our content was sufficient for them to convert on-site. This is a user who will have made a number of searches, found our content organically, delved deeper into our site and been convinced to purchase a significant piece of equipment. This proves the value of content marketing and SEO strategies, which get your brand in front of the right people.

The ROI here is clear to see. Once a website has been built correctly, and experts are working on the site consistently, keeping it fresh and relevant, the costs of SEO can be far lower than that of PPC; and whilst it is a strategy that takes longer to implement, its rewards come at a far greater margin.

What does this mean for you?

The success that we enjoyed here also underlines the value of choosing a full-service digital agency, as Multiquip UK did. Considering that a successful SEO strategy bridges both technical development and content creation, it is crucial to employ a team which has expertise in both fields. Choosing AsOne comes with these benefits, as our team comprises of experts in both development and marketing, and individuals whose knowledge spans both fields.


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