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Case Study

Clicks are meaningless unless they are relevant

There are many important measurements considered when determining the success of a paid marketing campaign, clicks are one of them.

Clicks are a key indicator of a paid campaign’s performance. In simple terms, if there are no clicks there are no sales to be directly attributed to the paid campaign.

All campaigns receive clicks but in order to be successful, it’s vital that the clicks you receive are relevant. A relevant click represents the alignment of an online advert with a users search. These aligned users come onto the website with the intent to learn more with the potential to purchase. In order to receive relevant clicks which lead to conversions, online adverts need to be clear and not misleading. If you claim to be offering something in an advert but don’t reflect these offerings on the designated landing page, users are likely to leave the website without a purchase and their perception of the brand will be negative.

Client Overview

Higgins Miller is a leading Stockport firm of solicitors specialising in family law. Founded in 2010, Higgins Miller today offers a full range of services within family law, covering everything from adoption and special guardianship through to wills and probate.


In order to continue to increase relevant clicks from users on the Higgins Miller Google Ads account, it’s vital to continually reevaluate the account’s position. The main areas to analyse are the current bidding, the average positioning of adverts, quality scores and the competition’s adverts. Targeting these specific areas gives us the ability to improve relevant clicks across the account.

By identifying lower performing areas of the campaign we were able to put changes into place.

  1. Adjustments were made to bidding on high performing keywords
  2. Quality Score components were amended to improve average ad positioning
  3. Localised keywords were added alongside new adverts to avoid highly competitive keywords and larger competing firms.


  • Google Ads
  • Content Modification
  • Google Analytics


108% Rise In Clicks

Clicks rose by a massive 108% comparing month one to month two

Overall Conversions rose 85%

This worked out at £17.70 per acquisition

CTR (Click Through Rate) rose by 37% from 2.7% to 3.7%

The stats above show how continual improvements to a Google Ads account can generate fantastic results. Clicks rose over 100% which was massive! Not only do we see the number of users entering the website drastically increase through clicks but conversions also saw a huge rise. This rise in conversions reflects the relevancy of the adverts and alignment of the users demand with our provided service.

Overall these stats show how the adjustments AsOne made not only increased the number of clicks but also increased the number of users clicking with intent (shown by the increase in conversions).

The best thing is these stats were achieved without an increase in budget!

What does this mean for you?

If you have an existing Google Ads account but are seeing costs increase, conversions fall or click-through rates plummet, AsOne has a wealth of experience in improving existing paid marketing campaigns for clients across multiple sectors.

If you’re new to Google Ads and you are looking to implement a campaign it can be a fantastic tool to boost sales, however, without experience in the field, it can be a costly experiment.

Here at AsOne, our experts are on hand to take the stress of setting up and continual management of Google Ads away. Contact our team today and find out how we can help with your Google Ads and make your business our next success story.

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