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Case Study

Buzzing Over Barbecues

When a brand looks to penetrate a new market, utilising paid channels can flood the business with new users, piquing their interest and creating a real, tangible buzz.

As digital marketers, the term paid marketing is associated with a range of online tools which, when a budget is assigned, can be used to access a target audience. Once these audiences are identified and profiled, we are able to display branded messaging or product/service information to achieve a range of marketing goals. These tools are most commonly associated with search engine marketing & social media marketing. 

Having access to paid marketing or having a marketing specialist run your paid marketing is the first step, but are you getting the most out of your paid marketing budget? It’s easy to see results drastically improve when you first introduce paid marketing into any digital strategy. However, with larger or increasing budgets, some digital marketers lose interest in the per-pound figures, meaning clients and businesses fail to reap rewards which match their commitment.


  • Increase Impressions
  • Increase Interactions
  • Expose Brand to New Audiences

Client Overview

Napoleon is North America’s fastest growing privately owned Grill, Fireplaces and HVAC manufacturer. Operating around the globe they deliver the highest quality products focused around stunning design and innovative technology. Known in the UK for their rapidly emerging top of the range outdoor grilling products, the company has both the ambitions and the equipment to become a household name in the UK.


In order to improve what has already been achieved with a paid marketing budget, it’s vital not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and recognise any previous areas of success. Analysing all the available data, past processes and collateral gives you the perfect base for improved results. 

Next, you’ll need to identify the easy wins – small, easily made changes that require only a rudimentary analysis of data and results, the kind of insight that comes with experience. Whether this is taking advantage of peak times when users are engaging with your adverts, excluding geographic areas which bring poor results or even looking to include video in your content output, prioritising key digital marketing objectives is absolutely essential. These objectives should direct any changes you make to the strategy, utilising individual paid marketing tools for their strengths will help you achieve the greatest results for any budget.


  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Social Media


522% Increase In Impressions

We recently took on Napoleon’s digital marketing, initial results have underlined the importance that AsOne places on every marketing pound with some fantastic results:

Our Social Media Paid Post Marketing generated 41% more impressions than the previous year

Facebook Advert impressions increased by 522% compared to the previous year

Google Search we achieved an increase in 35% more clicks compared to the previous year

Google Display we achieved a 300% increase in impressions compared to the previous year

What does this mean for you?

We know that a lot of companies hire marketing agencies not only for their proven results, but for their expertise – and if you’re being told that your results are the best possible, then you’ll probably trust the experts. It’s important to take great interest in key performance indicators and strive for consistent improvements, challenging anything you think looks out of place or ineffective. If you’re dealing with a large budget or a much smaller purse there will always be things to do to improve overall paid marketing performance. Remember, if an agency really wants to work in your interest, they should be advising you about what doesn’t work, as well as what does – otherwise they’re just looking to fleece you for services you don’t need. 

At AsOne we have proven time and time again through our long term digital marketing relationships that we don’t settle for one-off wins, we look to consistently challenge ourselves to get the most out of our clients’ budgets. As an agency that doesn’t take any commission out of our client’s paid marketing budgets, we are firmly results-driven. We don’t reap financial rewards from hiking up your paid marketing budget on ineffective or redundant avenues – we charge a flat management fee, as we believe it’s the only model which allows us to be totally honest when we say that we want to work with you to see you succeed.

If you’re looking to enhance your paid marketing or have concern over the results you are getting for your current paid marketing budget call our marketing experts today for a chat.


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