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Outranking the Competition

Getting people to visit your website is the first challenge for any business that wants to expand their online reach and increase brand awareness.

Organic traffic is so valuable, but if you want to see an increase in conversions alongside an increase in traffic, attracting the right people is crucial. Businesses often make the mistake of assuming that increased traffic means that they’re doing something right and they will soon see an increase in conversions, but that isn’t the case. If you are attracting consumers that are unlikely to have any interest in your product, conversion rates will remain the same regardless of how much new traffic you are generating.

Understanding who your target audience is and getting those consumers to visit your site is the key to boosting conversions. For Versital UK, this means attracting consumers that are looking for high-end, bespoke products. This is achieved through extensive keyword research, SEO strategies, and content marketing. The result is a large increase in meaningful clicks and an increased conversion rate.


  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Widen Organic Reach
  • Convert More Organic Users
  • Improve SERP Rankings

Client Overview

Versital UK engineer and supply custom cut marble products for both commercial and residential uses. For residential purposes, their products are used in bathroom renovations, and they also supply a lot of products to the hospitality industry. In the bathroom industry, there is much competition from companies offering full bathroom refits. So, Versital UK not only faces the challenge of increasing their online brand visibility, but they also need to specifically reach customers that are looking for custom products. Our strategy focuses on this specific audience and helps Versital UK draw more website traffic from qualified leads.


Improving online reach and SERP rankings starts with extensive keyword research. We use keyword research tools to determine which search terms are most popular with Versital UKs audience and which get the most searches. We then created keyword-rich content to target these search phrases and improve search rankings.

We also aimed to increase backlinks to the Versital UK website in order to boost website authority and improve search rankings even further.


  • Extensive keyword research
  • Content marketing


43% increase in top 3 SERP positions

Our strategy has been a huge success in helping Versital UK rank number one for a variety of keywords including:

  • Bespoke shower trays
  • Custom shower tray
  • Marble bar tops
  • Custom marble bar tops

They also rank on the first page of search results for a number of other important targeted keywords:

  • Custom made shower tray (#2)
  • Bar front panels (#4)
  • Bathroom vanity tops with basin (#6)
  • Commercial marble table tops (#6)
  • Marble bar table top (#6)
  • Bar marble table tops (#7)
  • Marble wash trough (#8)
  • Marble table top (#9)

Overall keyword coverage was increased from 2500 to 3690. These targeted keywords are driving more organic traffic to their website and improving session duration. There was a 1.37% increase in overall users over a 3 month period, with a 0.27% boost in traffic from new users. The average session also increased by 10.42%, meaning that more qualified leads are visiting the site and they’re spending more time browsing products.

Google search rankings have improved too. Total clicks increased by 2.4k and total impressions increased by 179k. Establishing high levels of organic traffic allows Versital UK to increase brand awareness and improve their conversion rate with less investment than they would if they relied solely on paid advertising.Improved SERP rankings mean that the continued creation of content has a more stable platform from which to launch, offering better results for past, current and future pieces.

What does this mean for you?

Generating organic traffic is a key part of any company’s online strategy. By improving your rank for key search terms, you can boost brand awareness and drive more leads to your website. Thorough keyword research means that you are targeting search terms that your target audience are interested in. Ultimately, this means that you get the right people visiting your site, their average session time is longer, and they are more likely to convert.

Organic traffic is more cost-effective than relying on paid ads too, and it is a sustainable long-term strategy that will help your business to grow. Although paid ads can be incredibly effective, improving SERP rankings and boosting organic traffic should always be covered in your marketing strategy.

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