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Case Study

Modernising Web Presence

HTML to WordPress Migration Success Story

AsOne’s task was to modernise Hollygate Fabrications’ outdated HTML website by transitioning it to a dynamic WordPress platform. This transformation aimed to enhance user experience, streamline content management, and ensure responsive design across all devices, ultimately supporting Hollygate Fabrications in maintaining a strong, cohesive online presence in line with the Hyde Group’s standards.


  • Brand alignment with Hyde’s website development designs
  • Easy content management
  • Making the site work smoothly on tablets and mobiles

Client Overview

Hollygate Fabrications, a respected player in the fabrication industry, approached AsOne with the goal of aligning their website with the Hyde Group’s recently redesigned sites. Hollygate Fabrications sought a solution that not only ensured visual and functional consistency with Hyde Group’s brand but also provided them with the capability to easily update and maintain their website independently.


AsOne’s structured approach ensured a smooth transition from the outdated HTML site to a modern, user-friendly WordPress site, meeting all of Hollygate’s current and future needs.

  • Development server setup
  • Adding a content management system (CMS)
  • Theme alignment
  • Responsive design update
  • Content migration and updates


  • WordPress


Improved user experience, streamlined content management, and responsive design.

The transformation from an outdated HTML website to a modern WordPress site significantly improved Hollygate’s business in several ways:

Enhanced Client Independence:

By integrating a Content Management System (CMS), the client can now easily log in to update and add new content. This autonomy reduces their reliance on external developers for routine updates and maintenance, ensuring that the website remains current and relevant with minimal effort.

Consistent Brand Appearance:

Aligning the site’s theme with other recently redesigned Hyde websites has ensured visual and functional consistency across all related platforms. This uniformity reinforces brand identity and provides a cohesive user experience for visitors who navigate between different Hyde websites.

Improved User Experience:

Updating the site to be fully responsive on tablets and mobiles has enhanced the user experience across all devices. This accessibility improvement has likely led to increased user engagement, longer site visits, and higher satisfaction rates, contributing to better overall business performance.

These improvements have made the Hollygate website more user-friendly, visually appealing, and easier to maintain, ultimately supporting the client’s business goals and enhancing their online presence.

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