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Boosting Business With Local SEO

With a local SEO strategy, you get the longevity and economic benefits of SEO campaigns combined with the higher value clicks that a paid search campaign might produce, without the need for continuous spend.

As a private dentist situated in North Manchester the importance of attracting a local audience is crucial for the success of the business. In order to bring in a local audience, the local profile of the company needs to be raised and the level of perceived authority in the companies given field improved. This is achieved through regular, long-form content on a range of dentistry topics. Operating in the YMYL niche, this content is informed by the expert opinions and knowledge of the dentists. In order to become a thought-leader, this content needs to be exposed to as many users as possible – particularly amongst the local market, the catchment area for paying clients – and as such great importance is placed on a local SEO strategy.

Client Overview

Carisbrook is a private dentist and a longterm client of AsOne. As private dentists, they compete not only with other independent firms but also with NHS services. This means that attracting users is down far more to their expertise than their prices, and this is what our marketing champions – and our local SEO strategy focusses in part on some of the expert services that Carisbrook offer.


Local SEO is the practice of targeting long-tail keywords which include your business locations. These keywords are often less competitive than their head-phrase counterparts and have the added bonuses that a) almost all of their searches have purchase intent behind them and b) the users behind the searches have far more ability to visit your offline location and become paying customers.

We produce optimised content for Carisbrook on a number of key issues, product and services, ranging from wide searches to very specific treatments. By ensuring a constant stream of fresh, keyword-rich content, we aim to keep Carisbrook on the first page of SERPs for key industry searches which include business locations in the long-tail. These include wide locations, such as “Manchester” and particular locations, such as “Prestwich”, “Whitefield” and “Bury”.


  • Copywriting
  • Google Search
  • WordPress
  • Keyword Research Tools


34.4% of Acquisitions through Organic Search

Our approach has been exceptionally successful. Today, Carisbrook ranks on the first page of results for keywords such as:

  • Broken teeth manchester (position 1)
  • Dental Care Whitefield (#2)
  • Dentists in whitefield Manchester (#4)
  • Restorative dentistry manchester (#4)
  • Manchester Dental Emergencies (#5)
  • Dentists whitefield (#5)
  • Emergency dentist manchester (#6)
  • Invisible braces Manchester (#6)
  • Invisalign manchester (#9)
  • Cosmetic dentist manchester (#11)
  • Comestic dentistry manchester (#13)

Beyond these, the website ranks #1 for branded keywords (even above Wikipedia entries for Carisbrook Castle and Carisbrook sports stadium in New Zealand) and other long-tail keywords and head phrases appear on the first page of results, such as “nervous patient care” (#8)

This strategy means that, even while paid search advertising runs, more than one third (34.4.%) of users coming onto the Carisbrook site in the last 6 months have come through Organic Search. This exceptional standing means that our site’s catchment is far superior to those of our competitors who rely solely on paid search for their acquisitions. As a further advantage over paid search, clicks on organic search entries are free, and the triggers do not have to be set up in the same way, meaning that once content is produced the strategy takes far less close monitoring, and requires no ongoing budget.

What does this mean for you?

The best acquisition strategies include both paid search and SEO approaches. Local SEO is fundamental to the digital success of any business with a physical location, cementing your firm amongst the established businesses in your vicinity. AsOne’s technical and industrial expertise perfectly positions us to inform, devise and enact your local SEO strategy, either stand-alone or as part of a wider, holistic approach to digital marketing

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