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Next Level Lead Generation Marketing

85% of expert marketers say that lead generation marketing is the most important element in their marketing arsenal; yet only 42% of business owners have an active plan in place.

Generating leads and business enquiries is fundamental to the success of countless business plans across the world. Leads are users who are seeking more information about a product or service as they move down the sales funnel, having demonstrated some interest in your product or service. A lead can come in a variety of ways; often it’s an online form submission or contacting the company directly. Opening up a dialogue with a lead gives you the chance to tailor messaging and gives you a much greater chance of securing their business.

Through digital lead generation marketing we look to stimulate and capture the interest of more users online opening up more of these customer dialogues. There are a variety of different ways this can be done to generate and capture leads. Understanding your market and where key customers exist is your number one priority when looking to develop lead generation marketing strategies. Once you’ve established where your audience is and how you can potentially reach them, then you can begin to use targeted messages to drive them down the sales funnel and turn these users into leads.



  • Increase Online Leads
  • Increase Conversions

Client Overview

Manchester Stairlifts are a family-owned local business, providing high-quality stairlifts to customers throughout Manchester. They stock a range of new and reconditioned stairlifts. Established for more than half a decade, Manchester Stairlifts are leading installers of stairlifts in the area. Understanding customer needs and giving individuals a top-quality personal service is at the heart of the business.

Manchester Stairlifts


Through research and assessment of the Manchester Stairlift market we identified that the majority of users with real intent to purchase were using search engines to find their supplier. In order to achieve instant lead generation a pay per click lead generation marketing campaign was set up to drive valuable users to the website. 

Using geo-targeted adverts which focused on a range of product offerings, customer service highlights and price points we looked to drive targeted local customers to the website. We had to make sure once users entered the website our landing pages were consistent with user keyword searches and had clear CTA’s. Most importantly all pages were focused on getting users to fill in contact forms or contact the company directly to become a lead.


  • Google Ads
  • Website
  • Online Forms


33% Conversion Rate In Record Month

Achieved a record month for leads with a number of leads generated 55% higher than the month’s target.

96% of all leads generated during the month were generated online 

We managed to achieve a CPL of £16.60 

From these leads an incredible conversion rate of 33% was accomplished

The conversion rate of the leads which our PPC lead generation marketing produced for the business illustrates the success of our lead generation campaign. Targeted adverts allow us to cut through to the most promising users, increasing the regularity with which leads are produced.

“The PPC Marketing work that AsOne did during this month contributed massively to us having our best ever month. We are really delighted with the work they produce and would recommend their services” – Manchester Stairlifts

What does this mean for you?

Converting users into leads is critical to the success of any marketing campaign, turning interested users into potential revenue streams. As such, lead generation marketing is one of the most difficult skills to learn, but also the most pivotal to the success of a business. AsOne’s proven skill in generating leads could prove invaluable to your business, and very few agencies can prove such results.

If your lead generation marketing campaign needs an injection of AsOne experience and expertise, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and speak to our team today.


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