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Case Study

Laurent – Brand Development

We developed the brand, menu, and marketing for Laurent Grill and Sushi Bar in the West End.

By closely collaborating with Laurent, we matched their vision with our creativity to develop slick contemporary designs that enhance their brand. Our success with Laurent led to collaborations with The Set Hotels, allowing us to deliver impactful brand and design creatives across multiple hotel properties. Through open communication and iterative design processes, we ensure our work reflects each client’s unique identity and resonates with their audience.


  • Developing slick and contemporary designs that reflect Laurent’s brand essence and positioning
  • Attract collaborations
  • Deliver consistent and impactful brand and design creatives

Client Overview

Owned by The Set Hotels, the Hotel Café Royal forms one of three outstanding addresses along with sister establishments Conservatorium and Hotel Lutecia, located in the world’s most vibrant destinations. At home on the first floor of the modern grand Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street. A London address like no other.


Through in-depth consultations and iterative design reviews, we created impactful visuals. Leveraging our success, we attracted collaborations and ensured consistent, high-quality deliverables across all brand assets, establishing a strong foundation for ongoing creative endeavors.


  • Content
  • Brand development
  • Menu design
  • Marketing campaign


Stunning Brand Development

Working closely with Laurent we were able to match their vision with our creativity to come up with slick contemporary designs to help develop their brand. Our success with Laurent has allowed us to collaborate with The Set Hotels and work with each hotel across a wide range of brand and design creatives.

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