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Case Study

Innovating Load Sensor Technology Across Multiple Sectors

We revamped Cyclops Group's online presence, expanding their market reach and enhancing user experience with new websites and a dynamic store locator.

Cyclops Group, known for their state-of-the-art load sensors and supporting devices, initially catered to the sailboat sector, providing sailors with real-time load data. As their technology gained recognition, Cyclops sought to expand into the gym and utilities sectors, requiring a comprehensive update to their digital presence.



  • Revamp Existing Website: Update the Cyclops website to include new pages while maintaining the original design aesthetic.
  • Implement a New Store Locator System: Replace the static map with a dynamic, geolocation-based system.
  • Expand Market Reach: Develop dedicated websites for the gym and utilities sectors, maintaining a cohesive brand identity across all platforms.
  • Streamline Administration: Integrate a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for seamless navigation across multiple sites.

Client Overview

Cyclops Group specializes in advanced load sensor technology that wirelessly transmits real-time data to smartphones and tablets. Initially focusing on the sailboat sector, Cyclops sensors have been installed on a variety of vessels, from dinghies to super yachts. The company’s innovative approach is now expanding into new markets, including gym equipment and utility structures.


To achieve these goals, we employed the following methods:

Website Updates: Enhanced the existing Cyclops website to align new pages with the original design, featuring the distinctive diagonal “sail” design on buttons and information boxes.

Dynamic Store Locator: Developed a geolocation-based store locator system that automatically shows nearby stockists on a navigable Google map, offering directions to the selected stockist.

Sector-Specific Websites: Created dedicated websites for Cyclops Workout (gym sector) and Cyclops Utilities, incorporating the core design elements from the original site but with distinct colour schemes to differentiate each sector.

Cyclops Group Site: Developed a central site that ties all sub-brands together, providing an overview of the business and links to each sector-specific site.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Implemented SSO to allow staff seamless access across all websites with a single login, reducing administrative burden and simplifying site management.


WordPress CMS: For managing and updating all websites.

WooCommerce: For the e-commerce store integration.

Google Maps API: To create the dynamic, geolocation-based store locator system.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Solutions: To enable seamless login across multiple sites.

Graphic Design Software: For creating and maintaining the cohesive visual identity across all sites.

Responsive Web Design: Ensuring all sites are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing across various devices.

Custom Coding: For the development of unique features like the dynamic store locator and SSO integration.


Enhanced Digital Presence and Market Expansion with Cohesive Branding

Our collaboration with Cyclops Group resulted in significant enhancements to their digital presence and operational efficiency:

  • Updated Website: The refreshed Cyclops website maintained its original aesthetic while incorporating new pages and features, enhancing user experience.
  • Advanced Store Locator: The dynamic geolocation-based store locator significantly improved usability, making it easier for customers to find nearby stockists.
  • New Market Websites: Dedicated sites for the gym and utilities sectors helped Cyclops effectively expand their market reach, each maintaining a unique yet cohesive brand identity.
  • Centralized Group Site: The Cyclops Group site provided a unified overview of the business, linking all sub-brands together.
  • Streamlined Operations: The SSO solution simplified site management for staff, reducing login-related admin tasks and improving efficiency.

What does this mean for you?

For businesses looking to expand into new markets, maintaining a cohesive brand identity across multiple platforms is crucial. By partnering with a digital agency that can provide comprehensive website development, dynamic user features, and streamlined administrative solutions, you can effectively enhance your digital presence, improve user experience, and expand your market reach. This not only elevates your brand but also drives business growth and operational efficiency.


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