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Case Study

Improving Site Health to Enhance Visibility and Rankings

Maintaining optimal website health is paramount in today’s digital landscape, as it directly influences the browsing experience of your users. A poorly-performing website not only frustrates visitors but also poses a substantial risk of driving potential customers away. Conversely, a well-maintained and fast-loading site enhances user satisfaction, encouraging them to engage more deeply with your content and offerings.

In the case of Versital, our client, the significance of website health is particularly pronounced. As they sought to bolster their brand exposure and attract a wider audience, it became evident that a robust online presence was essential. By prioritising website health and speed, Versital aimed not only to deliver an exceptional user experience but also to improve their overall search engine rankings. This strategic approach aligned perfectly with their objectives, positioning them for greater visibility and success in their industry.


  • Increase brand exposure
  • Improve website health

Client Overview

Versital approached AsOne with the aim of enhancing the health of their website and improving search rankings. Specialising in custom-cut marble products for commercial and residential applications, particularly in bathroom renovations and the hospitality sector, they faced stiff competition in the bathroom industry. Our tailored strategy aimed to elevate their online brand visibility and attract qualified leads seeking custom products, ultimately driving increased traffic to Versital’s website.


We conducted a Google Ranking Audit and implemented the following recommendations to enhance SEO and Google Ads performance.

SEO Fixes:

  • Implement Structured Data Markups
  • Improve site navigation
  • Optimise URL structure
  • Enhance Content SEO
  • Establish proper internal linking structure
  • Use Microsoft Clarity for tracking user behaviour
  • Improve Core Web Vitals (device speed)
  • Build quality links
  • Resolve technical issues (duplicate/missing tags, broken links, image optimisation)


Google Ads Enhancements:

  • Editable Expanded Text Ads
  • Optimise Match Types
  • Keyword cleanup
  • Test Performance Max campaign
  • RLSA campaigns (remarketing)
  • Add Image and Business Name extensions
  • Implement Customer Match
  • Create dynamic search ads
  • Install GA4 and tag manager


  • Google Search
  • Google Ads
  • SEO


Boosting Performance and Search Engine Rankings from 81% to 94%
  • Site health has improved from 81% to 94%, as many errors have been removed – from 10,559 errors down to 1,049 errors. Some errors remain in a large website, and these are of low priority.
  • Site speed on a mobile device has improved from a performance score of 42 to 78. The time it takes to load the first content on the site has gone from 15.1 seconds to 3.6 seconds – which greatly improves the chance of someone staying on a site. Similar improvements on desktop. Some load time will remain due to certain plugins etc. GT Metrix is another speed metric and has improved greatly – and will continue to improve over time after all of the changes.
  • All of the fixes carried out will greatly improve overall visibility and ranking, with results improving over time. 

What does this mean for you?

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