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Case Study

Enhancing User Experience

Successfully Streamlining Membership and Publication Access

AsOne’s task was to enhance Swoboda’s user experience by modernising and streamlining their membership management and publication distribution system by transitioning it to an online platform. This transformation aimed to develop a webstore for seamless membership subscriptions, create an online catalogue offering free publications for members and purchasable by non-members, implement a multi-currency system to support international users, and enhance overall website usability and user experience.


Swoboda sought to modernise and streamline their membership management and publication distribution system by shifting to an online platform. The primary goals included:

  • Developing a webstore for easy membership subscriptions.
  • Creating an online catalogue of publications, free for members but available for purchase by non-members.
  • Implementing a multi-currency system to accommodate international users.
  • Enhancing the overall usability and user experience of their website.

Client Overview

Swoboda is a prominent research centre specialising in producing high-quality publications for the credit union industry. Known for their insightful and valuable research, Swoboda has historically provided these publications for free. To sustain their operations, they have relied on membership fees collected from credit unions. This membership fee collection was managed manually, requiring direct contact with each credit union.


To achieve these goals, we undertook a comprehensive digital transformation project, focusing on the following key areas:

  • E-commerce Integration: We implemented WooCommerce and Stripe as the core e-commerce solutions, ensuring a robust and secure platform for handling transactions and memberships.
  • Membership and Subscription Systems: Custom solutions were developed to manage memberships, allowing credit unions to easily sign up, renew, and manage their subscriptions online.
  • Multi-Currency Support: We integrated a multi-currency system that dynamically adjusts the currency based on the user’s location, providing a seamless international user experience.
  • Website Usability and Branding Enhancements: Various quality-of-life upgrades were made to improve site navigation, user interface, and overall aesthetics. A minor facelift was also given to the website’s branding to align with the new e-commerce functionality.


The following tools and technologies were employed to execute the project:

  • WooCommerce: For building the e-commerce platform and handling product listings and transactions.
  • Stripe: To manage payment processing securely and efficiently.
  • Custom Membership and Subscription Plugins: Tailored solutions to handle the unique requirements of Swoboda’s membership model.
  • Multi-Currency Plugin: To facilitate automatic currency conversion based on the user’s location.
  • UI/UX Design Tools: For enhancing the user interface and user experience of the website.


Streamlined Operations, Enhanced Engagement, New Revenue

The implementation resulted in a seamless transition from Swoboda‘s manual membership system to a fully automated online platform. Key outcomes included:

  • Improved Efficiency: The new system significantly reduced the administrative burden on Swoboda’s staff, allowing them to focus more on content creation and research.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Credit unions can now easily sign up for memberships and access publications through an intuitive online portal.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: By offering publications for purchase to non-members, Swoboda created a new revenue stream.
  • Global Reach: The multi-currency system enabled Swoboda to cater to an international audience more effectively.

Overall, the project has empowered Swoboda to streamline operations, enhance user engagement, and focus on delivering greater value to their members and the credit union industry.

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