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Case Study

Enhancing User Experience and Streamlining Operations

We refined Leger Clinic's website with modern design updates and advanced systems for seamless membership management and efficient patient services.

Leger Clinic, the UK’s premier psychosexual therapist clinic specializing in sexual dysfunction and testosterone treatment, has been a long-term client. Several years ago, we developed their e-commerce website, complete with a comprehensive membership and subscription service. Since then, we have provided ongoing support to ensure the clinic’s online presence remains robust and effective.


  • Modernise the website design to current standards without a full redesign.
  • Ensure cohesive design language across the site for a consistent user experience.
  • Implement advanced systems to streamline membership discounts and prescription requests.
  • Upgrade the e-commerce system to offer special booking promotions and improve patient portal functionality.

Client Overview

Leger Clinic is renowned for its expertise in treating sexual dysfunction and providing testosterone therapy. As the leading psychosexual therapist clinic in the UK, Leger Clinic required an advanced and user-friendly online platform to manage their services, memberships, and patient interactions efficiently.


Design Updates: Conducted a minor facelift to modernise the website design, aligning new content with the updated style to ensure a cohesive look and feel.

Advanced Systems Implementation: Developed systems to automatically apply membership discounts for long-term patients, reducing administrative workload.

Prescription Request System: Incorporated conditional logic into the prescription request process to eliminate unnecessary data entry, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

E-commerce Enhancements: Upgraded the e-commerce platform to offer a 3-for-2 appointment booking promotion, including a discount voucher system with unique codes trackable via the patient portal.


Content Management System (CMS): For easy updates and content management.

Custom Membership Plugins: To manage memberships and apply discounts automatically.

Conditional Logic Forms: For streamlined prescription requests.

E-commerce Solutions: For managing appointment bookings and discount vouchers.

UI/UX Design Tools: To modernise the website design and enhance user experience.


Modernized Design, Streamlined Operations, Enhanced Patient Engagement.

The updates and enhancements provided Leger Clinic with a more modern and efficient online platform. Key results included:

Modernised Design: A refreshed website look that meets current design standards and provides a consistent user experience across all content.

Streamlined Membership Management: Automated discount application for long-term patients, reducing administrative tasks.

Efficient Prescription Requests: A simplified process for patients, ensuring they only provide necessary information.

Enhanced E-commerce Functionality: A special 3-for-2 booking offer with an easy-to-use discount voucher system, improving patient engagement and convenience.

What does this mean for you?

For businesses in the healthcare sector, ongoing updates and the implementation of advanced systems are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and providing excellent service. By modernising design, automating administrative tasks, and enhancing user experience, you can ensure your online presence remains effective and user-friendly, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.


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