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Case Study

eMail Marketing with Over £500k Transactional Value

The benefits of email marketing can range from simply brand awareness, all the way through to direct opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.  

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a tried and tested method of delivering the right message, at the right time to your target customer. It is widely used by businesses of all size as a way to keep in touch with existing and potential customers, and offers significant value where used correctly.

The benefits of email marketing can range from simply brand awareness, all the way through to direct opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Secure new business

Client Overview

Todaysure Matthews is a subdivision of Matthews Environmental Solutions US, a multi-billion dollar company. They currently operate globally and have installed operations on 5 continents. As a world leader in cremation and incineration equipment, they are uniquely positioned to ensure market capitalisation in key areas such as the European Union, United States of America, Middle East & Australia.


To achieve the campaign goals, we focused on sending one email message per month on an array of different topics to Todaysure Matthews target customer base. Each month we worked with them to craft a relevant and attractive message.

Throughout the campaign we employed the following techniques:

  • Segmentation – Analysing potential email recipients to ensure the messages were sent to only the most relevant people
  • Targeted messages – Crafting messages to ensure they are suitable to the target audience
  • Calls to action – Including specific calls to action in the email messages, making it easy for potential customers to click through


  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting


£500k Transaction From Email Campaign

The results of the email marketing campaign speak for themselves, with significant additional revenue generated in a short space of time:

  • Opened the Email 28 Times
  • Clicked on 28 Links
  • Transactional Value £500k+

A clear KPI of generation of revenue was achieved from a customer who our client thought was dormant. The customer upon reading an eShot sent by AsOne placed an order worth £500k+ and outlined the power of email marketing at its finest. Through the use of targeted messages, segmentation and strategic placement we were able to inspire a customer into action and convert them into a paid order.

What does this mean for you?

Email marketing has several key benefits that could help you to achieve your business goals. Sending targeted messages, with strong calls to action to your potential customers, has been shown to yield one of the highest returns on investment of all marketing channels.

If you’d like more information on how we could make this work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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