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Case Study

How AsOne Elevated Brand Awareness and Engagement for Top Client

AsOne collaborated with our confidential client to improve brand awareness, strengthen connections with stakeholders, and increase impressions and engagement. We observed remarkable growth, with their LinkedIn profile gaining an impressive 4,195 new followers.

AsOne has had the privilege of partnering with a prominent global operator in the consumer services industry to work on their digital marketing and strategy to increase brand awareness for over two years. Throughout this collaboration, our focus has been on bolstering the brand’s presence and fostering deeper connections with stakeholders in the target community. Leveraging our expertise in social content and management, video production, graphic design, and Google advertising, we embarked on a journey to elevate the brand’s digital footprint and amplify its impact in the industry.


  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Forge stronger connections
  • Boost impressions and engagement

Client Overview

The brand stands as a key player in their sector, spearheading innovative approaches in their industry by harnessing the potential of digital technologies. When we took over this account, the company was bidding for a very important license. Notably, the company won this licence and recently took over it’s operations in the UK, marking a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionise the industry landscape.


To accomplish our objectives of brand awareness, we employed a multifaceted approach leveraging various tools and platforms:

1. Social Media Strategy and Management: We curated compelling content and managed the company’s presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, with a particular emphasis on LinkedIn based on client directives.

2. Google Ads: Our team executed strategic campaigns encompassing Search, Display, and YouTube ads to maximise visibility and drive targeted traffic.

3. Design and Video Production: We crafted visually engaging graphics and high-quality videos to complement the company’s messaging and enhance brand appeal.

4. Content Development: Our content strategy encompassed the creation of strategy documents, blogs, social media posts, and advertisement copies tailored to resonate with the target audience


  • Social Media strategy and management
  • Google Ads
  • Design and video production
  • Content development


How Our Client Gained 4195 LinkedIn Followers in Two Years

The outcomes of our collaboration with this company to increase brand awareness are testament to the effectiveness of our approach:


– Follower Growth: The company’s LinkedIn page witnessed remarkable growth, with a staggering increase of 4195 followers, soaring from 276 followers in January 2022 to 4381 followers by January 2024.

– Organic Impressions and Engagement: The page garnered over 320,000 organic impressions and 26,200 post engagements, achieving an impressive organic engagement rate of 8.4%, surpassing industry benchmarks by over fourfold.

– LinkedIn Ads: Our targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns generated over 29 million ad impressions, effectively reaching and resonating with the desired demographics within the company’s community.


Google Ads:

– Impressions and Clicks: The company’s Google ads amassed over 173 million impressions and garnered 115,000 clicks, demonstrating the effectiveness of our advertising strategy in capturing audience attention.

– Cost Efficiency: We achieved a commendable low average cost per click (CPC) of £0.45, significantly lower than the industry average CPC in the UK, which typically ranges between £1 and £6.

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