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Case Study

Dynamic Web Solutions for Organisational Development

We supported Richmond Training with website development, maintenance, and custom illustrations to drive their organisational performance initiatives.

Richmond Training specialises in providing advice and programme delivery to develop talent, capacity, and organisational performance. They collaborate with organisations to create and implement programmes of learning and improvement, focusing on sustainable workforces and workplace practices.


  • Develop and maintain a flexible and dynamic website.
  • Implement web portals for comprehensive questionnaires and information centres.
  • Create new illustrations in line with existing site artwork for a cohesive visual experience.

Client Overview

Richmond Training works with a variety of organisations to enhance their talent and organisational performance. Their focus on sustainable workforce practices and continuous improvement necessitates a dynamic and adaptable online presence.


To achieve these goals, we undertook the following steps:

Website Development and Maintenance: Built and regularly updated the website, adding new features and capabilities as needed.

Web Portal Development: Created several web portals to host comprehensive questionnaires and detailed information centres.

Custom Illustrations: Utilised our in-house graphics team to design new illustrations that seamlessly integrated with the existing site artwork.


Content Management System (CMS): For flexible and dynamic website management.

Custom Web Development: For creating web portals tailored to Richmond Training’s specific needs.

Graphic Design Tools: To develop custom illustrations that matched the existing site’s visual style.


Dynamic Website, Tailored Portals, Seamless Visual Integration.

The collaboration provided Richmond Training with a robust, adaptable online presence and enhanced visual content. Key results included:

  • Dynamic Website: A flexible and regularly updated website that could easily adapt to new requirements.
  • Comprehensive Web Portals: Tailored portals for questionnaires and information centres, enhancing user engagement and data collection.
  • Seamless Visual Integration: New illustrations that blended perfectly with existing site artwork, maintaining a cohesive visual experience.

What does this mean for you?

For organisations focused on talent and organisational development, having a flexible and dynamic online presence is essential. By partnering with a digital agency that offers comprehensive web development and graphic design services, you can ensure your website evolves with your needs, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.


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