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Case Study

Content Marketing Strategy Leads to Seasonal Success

A content marketing strategy is a marketing approach focused on creating and distributing relevant and timely content to engage a targeted audience.

The ultimate goal of a content marketing strategy is to drive a profitable customer action through generated content.

In order to achieve a successful content marketing strategy, it’s vital thorough online behavioural research is conducted to analyse and prepare the delivery, channels and timings of a well-planned campaign. Identifying industry keywords and phrases together with assessing peaks in search volume and trends, provides the greatest chance of success.


  • Increase Organic website traffic
  • Increase Christmas loan applications
  • Establish thought-leadership in the field

Client Overview

Our client, CLEVR Money, is a not for profit savings and loans co-operative. The credit union is based in Blackpool providing affordable loans and responsible savings products to its members. Launched in 2009 CLEVR Money now serves over 4,900 members in the area.


Creating Quality Content
Quality content must be original, purposeful and optimised to reach a targeted consumer. Creative, innovative and inspirational content is key to engage and encourage a view, read and share.

Using on-page SEO techniques are vital to maximise the reach of any quality content produced. Through effective optimisation, the content drives higher search engine ranking and increases visibility in the organic, unpaid, search engine results.

The success of an email campaign is driven by the structure, formatting, creativity and delivery of the content. The measurement of a successful campaign is engagement with a targeted ‘call to action’.

Social Media Publishing
Sharing quality content across social channels while applying a purposeful approach not only places timely, key messages in front of followers but also increases the digital footprint, further boosting optimisation and search engine ranking as a result.


  • Website Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Email
  • Social Media


Total Organic Search traffic increased by 149%

Our campaign, though over a short period of time, produced an impressive 372 new applications with an 18% increase in accepted loans; demonstrating our campaign reached and engaged an appropriate target audience.

Applying a digital strategy across multiple disciplines proved a successful approach gaining significant increases in website traffic and engagement.

Total Unique Website Users:

Total Unique Website Users Total Organic Searches Christmas Loan Page – Page Views
September 18 2,001 1,248 18
October 18 3,036 2,069 202
November 18 4,181 2,961 774
December 18 4,327 3,113 1,035


Total unique website users increased by 116% (September vs December)
Total Organic Search traffic increased by 149% (September vs December)

The top performing blog over the period received 2,296 page views

18% more Christmas loans accepted comparing the 2018 & 2017 periods
600% more new loan applications were made comparing the 2018 & 2017 periods (372 vs 62)

What does this mean for you?

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