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Case Study

Comprehensive Website Solutions for NHS and Private Health Services

We developed robust, accessible web solutions for Kingston Hospital, including Kingston Private Health and Kingston Maternity, ensuring seamless information management across all departments.

Kingston Hospital, an NHS trust, needed a new, comprehensive website to manage vast amounts of patient information across all departments. Additionally, they required a distinct presence for Kingston Maternity within a unified CMS and a standalone site for Kingston Private Health.


  • Develop a comprehensive website to handle extensive patient information across all departments.
  • Create a standalone site for Kingston Private Health.
  • Ensure Kingston Maternity had a distinct section within the same CMS.
  • Implement advanced accessibility features for usability.

Client Overview

Kingston Hospital (NHS) includes Kingston Private Health and Kingston Maternity. They provide a wide range of health services, requiring a robust online platform to manage and disseminate patient information efficiently and effectively.


To meet these goals, we implemented the following solutions:

Unified CMS with Custom Solutions: Developed a single CMS to manage the main site and Kingston Maternity.

Custom Fields and Post Types: Introduced custom fields for step-by-step layout generation and custom post types to keep news, departments, consultants, and publications in their own sections.

Dynamic Content Display: Ensured relevant information, such as consultant details, dynamically displayed in the appropriate department sections.

Patient Leaflet System: Created a system for reading, downloading, and printing patient leaflets with advanced search and filter options by departments and tags.

Enhanced Accessibility: Integrated an accessibility functions panel on every page to cater to diverse user needs.


The following tools and technologies were utilised:

Content Management System (CMS): For unified management of multiple sites.

Custom Development: To create custom fields, post types, and dynamic content display systems.

PDF Generation Tools: For dynamically generating patient leaflets.

Accessibility Tools: For enhanced user accessibility features.


Integrated Management, Dynamic Content, Enhanced Accessibility, and Improved User Experience.

The solutions provided Kingston Hospital with a comprehensive, user-friendly online platform that met all their needs. Key results included:

  • Integrated Website Management: The unified CMS allowed seamless management of the main site and Kingston Maternity. This streamlined workflow for the hospital’s staff, enabling them to efficiently update and maintain all sections of the website from a single interface.
  • Efficient Information Organisation: The implementation of custom fields and post types ensured that news, departments, consultants, and publications were well-organised. The dynamic content display system automatically populated the relevant information on the appropriate pages, reducing manual updates and minimising errors.
  • Advanced Patient Leaflet System: Patients and staff benefited from an intuitive system for accessing, downloading, and printing patient leaflets. The advanced search and filter options made it easy to find specific leaflets by department or relevant tags, enhancing the user experience and ensuring that crucial information was readily available.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The website’s accessibility functions panel catered to users with varying needs, providing features such as adjustable text sizes, contrast settings, and screen reader compatibility. This ensured that the website was usable by all patients, including those with disabilities, in compliance with industry accessibility standards.
  • Improved User Experience: The distinct yet cohesive design for Kingston Maternity within the same CMS provided a tailored experience for maternity patients while maintaining a unified brand identity across all sites. This helped in building trust and familiarity among patients.
  • Ongoing Support and Development: By providing continuous support, we ensured that the website remained up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. This ongoing partnership allowed Kingston Hospital to adapt to new requirements and technological advancements, keeping their digital presence robust and effective.

What does this mean for you?

For healthcare providers, a robust and accessible online platform is essential for managing and disseminating information effectively. By partnering with a digital agency capable of developing comprehensive and dynamic solutions, you can ensure your website meets the needs of both staff and patients, enhancing overall efficiency and user experience.


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