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Case Study

Capturing the Local Market

In a digital world with no borders, it can be easy to forget that digital marketing can be just as effective as securing the business on your doorstep as it is for marketing global brands.

Pay-per-click advertising is the most direct and fastest way to reactively market your services to interested users. Well-maintained and correctly built advert accounts can put your brand in front of thousands of customers per month at all stages of the purchase cycle, from information-seekers to those ready-to-convert.


  • Grow and differentiate the brands “Evoluzione” and “Hotel Xenia”
  • Boost numbers of non-guest diners
  • Ensure local market awareness on key dates, eg Christmas Day

Client Overview

Hotel Xenia is a luxurious hotel situated in the picturesque London borough of Kensington, rich in history and culture. It is ideally located between several points of interest, such as Hyde Park or the Olympia showrooms. Run out of an 18th-century townhouse, it serves as an idyllic base for holidaymakers and city hoppers alike.
Located inside the hotel is their restaurant, Evoluzione, which itself employs a former Michelin starred chef and has recently won awards. In order to diversify their sales funnel, the hotel is looking to broaden the brand of the restaurant, and attract much more of the local market, hoping to attract diners who are not necessarily guests.


We identified the keywords that best advertised the restaurant’s capabilities and were most well searched in the area, and ensured that our landing pages both reflected and answered these search queries well. We then created an extensive ads package which pointed to these landing pages. We A/B tested our adverts, finding the most effective combinations of bids, copy and headlines to bring users to our website.

We also took advantage of the advertising platform’s sophisticated targeting options to hone in on the market that the client most wanted to target. By concentrating our efforts on meeting specific KPIs, we can ensure that none of our budgets are wasted on users whom we are not looking to target and that we retain control over which consumers are shown our brand messages.


  • Google Search & Display Advertising
  • Copywriting & Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Rebuild


Seasonal Campaign with 4.78% CTR, £0.80 CPC

Month 1
Avg CPC £0.55
CTR 2.49%

Month 2
Avg CPC £0.55
CTR 3.36%

Month 3
Avg CPC £0.55
CTR 4.83%

Christmas Campaign
Avg CPC £0.80
CTR 4.78%

As you can see here, we are achieving average and above-average clickthrough rates for just a quarter of the average CPC. This is thanks to our adverts being targeted towards the communities which we have identified, and their copy is written in such a way that engages them and they identify with. Beyond this, quality, relevant landing pages reduce our CPC further. Moreover, our ads served as a powerful and effective method of highlighting the restaurant’s Christmas offering and the ads proved very popular with a CTR of 4.78%

What does this mean for you?

If there are specific markets which are more lucrative for your business, or into which you want to expand, AsOne have the technical expertise and industry knowledge to identify, engage and convert these users. We can build and maintain not only the adverts but the landing pages and websites they point at, ensuring that your full digital package is well-optimised and working towards your widest business goals.


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