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Case Study

Bespoke Web Solutions for Streamlined Operations

Customized portal development with an automated admin process, and performance and security maintenance.

Waterloo Business Management supply used printer consumables destruction and recycling services to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). WBM came to AsOne for dynamic web solutions to streamline their processes and provide a fully customised portal service to their clients.

We have developed custom portals for partners including Canon, Kyocera, Circular Planet, Simply Recycle, with more to come.


  • Develop a bespoke customized service request portal.
  • Create an automated admin process to receive and manage requests.
  • Maintain high site performance and security.

Client Overview

Waterloo Business Management provide a fully transparent and traceable process that ensures all empty cartridges and consumables are processed and returned to their raw material state. Their UK operation offers a complete and cost-effective solution.


Customized Service Request:

We focused on understanding user behaviour to create a smooth and straightforward request submission process. The portal was designed for fast and easy access to all features, allowing users to submit, modify, and track their requests efficiently.

Automated Admin Process:

Utilizing the latest CRM systems, we automated 80% of the order process. This significantly reduced errors and established clear communication between the site and its users, streamlining operations and enhancing user experience.

Maintain Site Performance and Security:

We continuously monitored site performance and security using professional, well-known tools. This ensured the site remained user-friendly and secure, preventing data breaches or modifications from cyber attacks.


  • Advanced Custom Fields: To create a bespoke, fully custom portal.
  • Specialised plugins: For bulk managing orders and requests, and to monitor and scan the site regularly, providing a live firewall to protect against cyber attacks and data breaches.


Enhanced User Experience, Streamlined Processes, and Robust Security

Our development efforts resulted in significant improvements in user satisfaction, administrative efficiency, and site security.

Key outcomes included:

  • Intuitive User Portal: The bespoke service request portal facilitated a seamless process for users to submit, modify, and track their requests. User behavior analysis ensured accessibility and ease of navigation, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.
  • Automated Administration: Implementing advanced CRM systems allowed us to automate 80% of the order process, reducing errors and improving communication between the site and users. This automation greatly decreased the time required to manage requests, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • High Performance and Security: Continuous monitoring of site performance and security with professional tools ensured the portal remained user-friendly and secure. Regular scans and a live firewall protected the site from cyber attacks and data breaches, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of user data.

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