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Case Study

B2B Social Media Success

Social media has exploded in popularity, with the largest of the networks boasting 2.45 billion users. No other arena gives businesses the opportunity to expose their brand to so many people so cheaply, and as such, even business to business firms have to consider their approach to b2b social media.

The greatest asset social media offers business is the space to build a voice. This voice allows a business to interact with end-users and push company messages to an otherwise inaccessible audience. Not only do businesses interact with users, but they can interact with other businesses, generating more value from social media than ever before. A company which isn’t currently taking advantage of using free social platforms is missing out on generating awareness, web traffic, engagement and even revenue opportunities.


  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive Website Traffic
  • Increase Social Media Audiences, Engagements & Impressions

Client Overview

The Weedon Group is an independent, family-run group of businesses. They offer end to end corrugated packaging solutions, covering everything from concept and creative design through manufacturing to in-house fulfilment and distribution, all in one place. Known as the UK’s leading independent producer of Point of Sale and pre-filled Merchandising Units, they are approved suppliers to top UK grocers including Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.


First of all, an assessment of Weedon’s current social media presence and output was needed. We established quickly that social media was generally overlooked by the entire Weedon group and they weren’t taking advantage of b2b social media.

Business social media accounts were set up, strategies were devised and consistent posting began. Weedon has a large base of content and a lot of industry knowledge, but this was not being communicated previously. Putting this content and messaging into structured daily posting, we were able to promote Weedon as a thought leader in the industry across platforms.


  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Content Creation


15x More Website Traffic Generated Through Social Media

Users coming to the website through social platforms rose by 15 times (in one month)

During a 5 month period, we increased social followings across platforms by 73%.

We increased the total impressions across social platforms from 158 to 600,000 during a 5 month period.

Over a 4 month period, we increased engagements across platforms from 0 to 9,158

We were able to connect with businesses and get brand messages in front of them while encouraging further engagements. These results have put Weedon in a fantastic position to gain a real return on investment through a b2b social media strategy.

What does this mean for you?

Social media is a powerful tool for business, if you’re currently not utilising social media in your marketing mix there could be some real untapped potential we can help you uncover. Growing an audience of industry professionals, increasing you’re brands awareness and giving you a powerful channel to push company messaging is something all businesses should take advantage of.

Here at AsOne, our campaign experts have experience in creating and implementing b2b social media strategies for a range of companies. Drawing on that experience, we can take a load off your business and generate real results on your behalf.


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