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Case Study

B2B Targeted Paid Marketing Success

In today’s congested online space it can be difficult to get your messages heard and even harder to get them heard by the right people.

Relying on word of mouth and organic methods to reach target businesses can be great techniques, but in isolation these methods take time to generate results. That’s why paid marketing in a business to business market is an essential tool for fast results.

Paid marketing in a B2B market gives marketers the opportunity to target specific industries, job seniorities, geographies and demographics. Through advanced targeting, tailored brand messages can be put in front of key business clientele, thus improving brand awareness and engagements from intended audiences.


  • Increase brand awareness amongst key targets
  • Generate web traffic from key sources

Client Overview

Matthews Environmental Solutions UK is a subdivision of Matthews Environmental Solutions US, a multi-billion dollar company. They currently operate globally and have installed operations on 5 continents. As a world leader in cremation and incineration equipment, they are uniquely positioned to ensure market capitalisation in key locations such as the European Union, United States of America, Middle East & Australia.


In order to reach the intended business targets of Matthews Environmental Solutions, we first had to establish where their targets operated online. We identified platforms these key decision-makers operated in, through research and customer analysis. Building customer profiles based on the shared characteristics of these initial targets, we were able to match other potential clients, expanding our reach.

Having established our target businesses, we implemented a paid marketing campaign to reach the decision makers with strategic, tailored brand messages. Working closely with the sales team and utilising data from our previous marketing campaigns, we identified those messages that most resonated with the audience.


  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Website
  • Copywriting


Reduced monthly spend by 37%

Our branded messaged were put in front of key decision-makers at relevant potential businesses and yielded some impressive results. Adverts were viewed a total of 721,214 times over a three month period by these important individuals. For 1000 advert impressions we only had to pay less than a cup of coffee

Text ads on the b2b ppc platform used have a universally much lower CTR. With an average range of 0.012% – 0.030%. Our adverts performed well and achieved above industry average results. We reached peak CTR in month 3 with a 0.04%. With each click being potentially worth 1 million pound+ contract we also see great value at an average £5.36 a click.

What does this mean for you?

Through paid marketing techniques we can set up refined and honed campaigns to reach targets which were previously unreachable. Getting brand messages in front of important decision-makers from identified business targets holds fantastic potential for all business to business firms. For businesses struggling for market penetration and brand awareness, these paid techniques are essential tools in today’s market.

Here at AsOne, our campaign experts have experience in creating and implementing paid marketing strategies for a range of B2B companies. Drawing on that experience, we can take a load of your business in setting up these campaigns and generate real results on your behalf.



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