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Case Study

A new brand identity for Palácio Tangará

Palácio Tangará is a luxury hotel exceptionally located in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil.  We were commissioned to develop a suite of brand identity creative including animated content. 

The brief was to deliver a stunning design that reflected its natural environment: a five-star oasis in the verdant surroundings of a beautiful tropical park.

Our research uncovered a local stream ‘Panambi’ meaning ‘river of butterflies’; Palácio Tangará itself is named after a strikingly colourful indigenous bird. Combining these two elements, we produced a highly visual and original branding design. To complement this, we created a visually organic repeat pattern which was applied to a suite of marketing communications.

Palácio Tangará is part of the prestigious Oetker Collection. We collaborate extensively with their global portfolio of elite hotels to provide outstanding brand and creative solutions for The LanesboroughL’Apogeé Courchevel, Le Bristol Paris, Jumby Bay, Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, Eden Rock St Barths, Château Saint-Martin & Spa and Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa.


  • Enhance the hotel’s prestigious image
  • Showcase the prime location
  • Attract guests

Client Overview

Palácio Tangará, a luxury hotel in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, commissioned us to develop a suite of brand identity creatives. Our work included designing sophisticated visual elements and creating engaging animated content that reflects the hotel’s elegance and prime location. This branding effort aimed to enhance the hotel’s prestigious image and attract discerning guests.


To enhance Palácio Tangará’s prestigious image and attract discerning guests, we employed the following methods. We conducted in-depth research on Palácio Tangará’s unique qualities, target audience, and competitive landscape. We ensured that all design elements remained consistent with the hotel’s luxurious brand identity. We utilised storytelling techniques to create captivating animations that resonate with discerning guests.


Graphic Design Software: For creating intricate visual patterns and brand elements.

Animation Tools: To develop engaging and sophisticated animated content.

Brand Research: In-depth research tools and methodologies to understand the hotel’s unique attributes and target audience.

Photography and Typography: High-quality visual content to enhance the brand’s luxurious image.

Content Management Systems (CMS): For seamless integration of the new visual elements and animated content into the hotel’s digital platforms.

Print and Digital Formats: Provided materials in both print-ready formats with print guides and digital formats designed for online use.


Distinctive Branding, Enhanced Prestige, and Increased Guest Attraction.

Our work resulted in a distinctive and cohesive brand identity for Palácio Tangará that successfully reflected its natural surroundings and luxurious atmosphere. Key results included:

  • Enhanced Brand Image: The unique branding design, inspired by local elements, significantly elevated the hotel’s prestigious image.
  • Consistent Visual Identity: The visually organic repeat pattern was seamlessly applied across all marketing communications, ensuring brand consistency.
  • Engaging Animated Content: The captivating animations created through storytelling techniques resonated with discerning guests, enhancing their connection with the hotel.
  • Increased Attraction: The sophisticated visual elements and engaging content effectively attracted discerning guests, highlighting the hotel’s prime location and luxurious offerings.
  • Ongoing Collaboration: As part of the Oetker Collection, our successful collaboration with Palácio Tangará paved the way for continued work with other elite hotels in the collection.

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