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Increasing bookings through Website Development

AsOne provides a range of services to help restaurant businesses like La Terrazza transform their marketing and increase bookings through a range of services including website development and content scheduling.

La Terrazza is an Italian fine dining restaurant at Hotel Xenia in Kensington. It serves hotel guests but is also open to the public. Their menu is filled with Italian classics with a contemporary twist, all cooked by an Italian chef with decades of experience. They see a steady stream of diners from the hotel, but they wanted to tap into new markets and expand bookings from people that were not staying at Hotel Xenia.

In Kensington, they are well situated to attract diners that are seeing shows in the West End. They also have a host of special event offerings like their Christmas Menu that they wanted to promote. La Terrazza needed AsOne to help them build a new website, update their menus, and create new signage. It was especially important that the aesthetic reflected the high-quality of the food and the luxury location.

The site we created for them was entirely custom-built using custom post types and advanced custom fields. This allowed us to deliver the exact functionality that La Terrazza needed, without compromise. Each dining space had its own separate booking page, as did the events section. The forms for booking a table were also integrated with a third party open table widget. Ultimately, this made it as easy as possible for customers to book a table through the site. We also transformed their digital menus, ensuring that they were downloadable as a PDF. The inclusion of QR codes on the menu in the hotel sent more traffic back to the site too.

Alongside the website development, AsOne also redesigned their logo and signage. This was in keeping with the high-end aesthetic that they wanted and the branding was consistent with all of the work we carried out on the website. When combined with our sustained content marketing campaign, La Terrazza will see a significant increase in bookings.

If you need help with your website development & digital marketing campaigns, get in touch with AsOne today. We work with you to create a custom campaign that delivers measurable results.