BusinessMobiles.com – regarding cancellation of your current contact – NOT!

OMG … have i cancelled my contract by mistake, wait, i don’t even have a contract with BusinessMobiles … oh you guys! You little rascals made a joke …or is is a scam. Wither way its spam trying to fool people into calling them. Its name and shame time again folks.

Who in their right mind would trust an offer from a company like this. If it looks too good to be true … guess what, it probably is.

Feel free to send all your unwanted junk mail to them, i think they like Junk mail???

BusinessMobiles.com ltd ,West World, West Gate, London W5 1DT

N.B. We are not advocation putting all your junk an an envelope with their address and writing return to sender on it, that would not be nice!

Contents of email

Attention : Managing Director and Accounts Dept.

Re: Your mobile phone contract buy out.

Further to my email dated the 17th of September 2010, please find below an outline of how it is now possible to

save over £500 for every mobile phone you currently have in your organisation.

I know that you are currently in a contract, and as previously promised I have arranged that

we will buy out your current contract irrespective of the number of months you have left.

In summary, you will get the next 2 years bills completely free of charge and then only pay for 1 year.

Also included with the 2 years of free line rental are all the free minutes of calls you need.

The only requirement is that you stay with us for just 1 further year and pay the normal low rates.

An example of the cost per phone is below:

Year 1 : £ 0.00

Year 2 : £ 0.00

Year 3 : £ 23.50 per month

This example includes 3,500 minutes and 3000 text per month for every phone.

International numbers to the USA, Canada and 33 European Countries are also included.

You can even add extra handsets for only £4.50 each and share your minutes.

Please call me to discuss your options on 0800 999 2 999, this exclusive offer is only

guaranteed until the 26th November, so please call now on 0800 999 2 999

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Taylor

BusinessMobiles.com Ltd

Celebrating 11 years in Business

Established 1999 – Over 150,000 Clients

Ref: 1011ET100

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