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B2B Marketing – Overcoming the Challenges

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The world of business to business marketing has a number of specific challenges when compared to B2C. New technologies like social media and artificial intelligence have revolutionised marketing in the B2C space, but in reality, it is not always simple to apply these ideas to a B2B setting.

In order to identify leads and fill your sales funnel it is vital that you craft a business to business marketing strategy that seeks to overcome some these challenges.  

Business to Business Marketing Challenges

Some of the specific challenges include:

business to business marketing
  • Managing your tone of voice – B2C brands have a lot more license in how they speak to their customers, while B2B companies typically need to pay much closer attention to keeping a professional tone of voice. This is further complicated by companies not wanting to look old fashioned and outdated. You should, therefore, make sure you spend time upfront deciding how you want to be perceived by your customers and how you’ll speak to them in a consistent way that is suitable for your audience. Have you given proper thought to your tone of voice, or has it simply evolved over time?
  • Attracting a qualified audience – Many B2C campaigns simply rely on attracting a large number of customers from a broad demographic. In business to business marketing, you don’t have this luxury, as your products will only appeal to a small number of individuals that have direct input to a buying decision. By using platforms like LinkedIn to narrowly target your advertising, you can ensure you’re reaching the right people and improve your marketing ROI. 
  • Capturing customer details – The typical B2B sales process can be fragmented, with customers moving between different marketing channels over a long period of time before a sale is finally made. By incentivising customer to share details such as phone number, email address, title and company, you can start to proactively reach out to them and help them through the sales process.  How are you incentivising people to share these details today?
  • Analysing and attributing success – As noted above, the sales process can be slow and fragmented for B2B organisations. A customer might start their journey by following a paid ad, then reads your content marketing, before submitting an email address and subsequently arranging a call. In this scenario, it can be difficult to measure which channels are having the greatest impact. It is therefore important to capture as much data as possible via analytics platforms like Google, but supplement that with other information and store it in a CRM platform. Do your current marketing solutions show you how customers are flowing through the sales funnel?

Business to Business Marketing by AsOne

For well over a decade AsOne has supporting B2B companies with effective marketing strategies to help them grow. We look to partner with our customers over the long-term, getting to understand the intricacies of their business, and creating a strategy that reflects their unique position. 

For more information on how AsOne can help you craft the Business to business marketing to underpin your next phase of growth, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to one of our expert team. 

Businesses based in the North East of England may be eligible for up to 40% off your first project under the NEBSF funding scheme. Please ask for further details.

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