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Business Development For Accounting Firms

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Historically, business development for accounting firms would have relied heavily on referrals, infrequent print advertising, or perhaps a business development manager to cold call potential new clients.

But technology has dramatically changed the way that businesses reach their target audience over the past two decades, and these digital methods are finding their way into Accountancy.

Digital Business development for accounting firms

The approach to designing and implementing a digital business development strategy tends to look as follows:

    • Current state analysis – We always start by gaining a full and thorough understanding of where your business is today and what strategies you have employed in the past. We’ll assess other companies as well; what are your competitors doing that is effective and replicable? But also, what are companies outside your industry doing that we can learn from? This helps us to make informed decisions about which strategies will be most suitable for you and your business.
    • Website building – Your website is your virtual shop front and hopefully the first thing that your customers will land on if they are searching for you online. Business Development For Accounting FirmsIt is also central to the business development strategy. Building a great website is no longer a nice to have but a clear necessity in the modern business environment. We’ll work with your through the build, giving you guidance on the best options. If you already have a site we’ll assess the current performance and look at where we can make improvements.
    • Digital marketing strategies – With so many options available, digital marketing can seem a little overwhelming. We will craft a digital marketing strategy for you, identifying the best ways to entice new customers to your site and into the sales funnel. This could include any combination of content marketing, SEO, paid ads or social media.
    • Data and analytics – Understanding the data is key to any business development campaign. We always integrate analytics into our marketing strategies as standard, this enables us to capture valuable data that tells us what is working and what isn’t. We can look at the sources of new leads, how traffic to the site is growing over time and how this ultimately correlates with increased revenue

Outside of these core elements, it is also important to think about the security of your site and to ensure that you are properly compliant with new regulations like GDPR.

Ongoing strategy review

At AsOne our preferred approach is to partner with our clients over the long term and evolve the strategy as the business grows and matures. This gives us the opportunity to implement ongoing strategy reviews, where we start from the beginning, reassessing what is working well and continually looking at what we can learn and apply from other sources.

This tried and tested methodology has helped our client’s businesses prosper over the past decade and a half.

For more information about business development for accounting firms or advice on how to accelerate your business growth, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts.