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Online Stores Are Here To Stay

However, there are still hundreds of stores that are not opening their doors yet, and millions of consumers will be incredibly cautious about returning to the high street. Indeed, it is only the clothing cathedrals and hypermarkets which can really implement the social distancing standards required to reopen safely. For almost all other store owners, the choice to build an online store is still the most effective route to revenue.

In the last three months, we’ve seen consumer habits change seismically and even the most technophobic of customers are now shopping online. With a total lack of confidence in government across most of the country, many people will not return to the shared spaces of the high street even when lockdown restrictions are legally lifted, preferring to continue shopping online instead. For this reason, considering what’s important when you build an online store is crucial – because your business may demand it of you.

build an online store

The biggest consideration when you build an online store is always going to be price. Can you afford to host, run and maintain a webstore? With AsOne, you can. You can pay just £95/month to open up your business to the millions of people who are still staying at home, either because they are still being advised to shield or through individual caution. The real question, then, is not whether you can afford to build an online store – it’s whether you can afford not to.

Another cost to consider is the time that trying to build an online store yourself would cost you, and the lost revenue that would come from errors in its setup. For these reasons, opting to benefit from the expertise of long-standing specialist will always be the best option for businesses looking to add digital to their arsenal – and with 20 years of experience, you won’t find the same combination of knowledge and cost anywhere other than AsOne.

A third factor to consider is the platform on which you want to build an online store. While Shopify and BigCommerce might look appealing to start with, you’ll find your business quickly outgrows the platform, and the costs spiral and spiral as the transaction fees start to eat into your profits. AsOne specialise in WooCommerce stores – which is currently used by more than 3.3 million live websites, including 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites. You can see more of why we love WooCommerce here, and why we think it’s almost always the best choice for your business.

AsOne’s offer means that you can get the best platform built by the best experts at the best price – so if you’re looking to build an online store, there’s only one place to start.


build an online store