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Branding For Luxury Hotels: Ocean Club St Barts

ZOO provides branding for luxury hotels, assisting exclusive establishments such as Ocean Club St Barths in constructing a clear message that speaks to their unique, high-end clientele.

Ocean Club St Barths is an exclusive members club, offering a range of amenities and services to their clients. During their stay on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Barths, guests have access to a full concierge service that takes care of all of their needs from restaurant reservations to private jets, yacht charters, and spa treatments. The membership also gives access to fine dining restaurants, world class art displays, and private areas available for events and functions.

St Barths is the ultimate Caribbean yachting island destination and many of the world’s wealthiest individuals use this as a winter base for their yachts. As such, Ocean Club St Barths caters exclusively to ultra-high-net-worth clients and the right branding for luxury hotels is needed to demonstrate that the facilities live up to their incredibly high standards.

ZOO worked with Ocean Club to develop a brand story that perfectly encapsulates the high level of service clients can expect to receive. With our help, Ocean Club St Barths was able to connect with more potential clients and build relationships with them. Ultimately, this allowed them to increase memberships and expand their business. 

Our branding for luxury hotels relies on a multi platform approach, leveraging the skills of our brand strategists, digital experts, and creatives to deliver a clear message. They bring together print, video, and digital marketing to tell a strong brand story of a membership club that caters to a very small niche, who have come to expect a level of quality rarely found elsewhere. When Ocean Club St Barths opens, they will have a long list of new members waiting to sign up.

At ZOO, we have over 20 years of experience providing marketing services and branding for luxury hotels. Get in touch today if you want to create a new brand story and transform your hospitality business. Read more of Zoo Communications insights here.